What the blue dot means on Samsung contacts? You may have noticed a small blue dot next to some of your contacts’ names if you own a Samsung device and use the Contacts app.

In this blog post, we will examine the meaning of the blue dot and how you can utilize it to enhance your contact management experience in Samsung Contacts.

The blue dot serves an important purpose and provides useful information about the contact.

Let’s dive in and uncover the significance of the blue dot feature in Samsung Contacts in order to stay organized, prioritize your contacts, and effectively communicate with your most important contacts.

As a result of their cooperation with Google, his carrier is highly likely to have already implemented RCS Universal Profile, which indicates that you are able to communicate with them via chat message.

The blue dot will appear next to any contact on your phone’s contact list that has RCS enabled. No matter what type of phone you own, this occurs. # Blue Dot means

What the blue dot means on Samsung contacts?

The blue dot that appears next to a contact name in the Contacts app on Samsung devices indicates that that contact has been updated or engaged recently.

As a result, it indicates that information about the contact has been updated or changed, such as recent phone calls, messages, or changes to the contact information.

The blue dot allows you to easily identify contacts with whom you have recently interacted or with whom you have recently modified contacts.

You will be able to identify contacts quickly and prioritize your communication efforts. # Blue Dot means

You will be able to focus on contacts that require your attention or follow-up by having this visual cue.

Please note that the blue dot feature may vary slightly from model to model or software to software, but the basic concept remains the same.

Keeping an eye on the blue dot in Samsung Contacts will assist you in managing your contacts efficiently, keeping organized, and keeping up with recent changes in communication and contact information.

Advantages of Blue Dot on Contacts

There are a number of advantages to having a blue dot next to a contact and messages over a standard message system;

  • With advanced messages, you can attach large videos, documents, audio files, and other media formats to contacts who have blue dots next to their names.
  • If you have a limited SMS plan, you can use this if your contact has blue dots on their phone.
  • The RCS message (message sent to the blue dot number) is completely free and unlimited.
  • A long message of up to 8000 words can be sent to the contact, unlike a standard text message, which is limited to 160 words.
  • Up to 100 participants can participate in group discussions.
  • A conversation history can be created from any Advanced Messaging, SMS, or MMS message sent and received from a single contact.

How to Enable Blue Dot Contacts and Messages?

An active internet connection and support for the RCS feature are required for the blue dot to appear next to a contact or message.

A blue dot next to a contact is usually displayed on both devices connected to the same network. # Blue Dot means

The settings are usually enabled by default on both devices. Follow the steps below to enable the settings;

  1. Go to the Google messages settings page.
  2. Visit the Chat features page.
  3. Turn on the Enable chat feature.

How To Remove Blue Dot From Contact on Samsung?

The blue dot can be removed easily from contacts and messages on Samsung devices.

Deactivating some RCS features requires switching off advanced messaging.

  1. Go to the Google messages settings page.
  2. Visit the Chat features page.
  3. Activate the chat option and toggle it off.

How To Remove Blue Dot From Contact on Samsung?

Upon launching the application you use for text messages, select the menu that appears as three dots in the upper right corner of the device in order to remove the blue dot from the contacts icon on your Samsung device.

Select advanced messages and toggle the switch to the OFF position. Prior to turning off this function, you will be informed about its advantages and disadvantages.

It is possible to disable the feature so that the blue dot that appears next to contacts will not appear.

Alternately, you can follow the instructions below:

Go to the Messages page for more information.

  1. At the top right corner of the screen, tap the three vertical dots.
  2. To change settings, click here
  3. Go to the Chat menu and select Options.
  4. Click here to disable chat features.
  5. Click Default Message Type at the bottom.
  6. Multimedia and text options are available.

As a result, the blue dot will no longer be visible as advanced messages will no longer be accessible.

Why does the blue dot disappear on my contacts?

Samsung Contacts displays a blue dot next to a contact’s name indicating that that contact has recently been updated. 

Blue dots may, however, disappear for a variety of reasons, including:

blue dot means on Samsung
blue dot means on Samsung

Read/Seen Status: 

In the event that the blue dot indicated unread messages or missed calls from that contact, it will disappear once you have read or seen the message or call notification. # blue dot disappear on my contacts

Contact Modification: 

You may notice that the blue dot has disappeared after making an edit or change to the contact information.

This indicates an update to the contact information has taken place recently.

Time-based Duration:

 If the contact hasn’t been active or updated for a certain period of time, the blue dot may disappear.

The specific duration varies according to the device or software version. # blue dot disappear on my contacts

App Updates: 

A change in an app’s functionality or settings may affect the visibility or behavior of the blue dot.

The blue dot’s behavior can also be affected by updates to the Contacts app or the device’s operating system.

Note that the behavior of the blue dot may vary according to the Samsung device model, software version, or any customizations made by the mobile carrier or device manufacturer.

Ensure that your device’s software and apps are updated if the blue dot consistently disappears or does not appear as expected. # blue dot disappear on my contacts

For further assistance in understanding the specific behavior of the blue dot on your device, you may want to consult your device’s user manual or contact Samsung customer support.

What does the blue dot on Android messages?

The blue dot in the Android Messages app indicates that a new or unread message has been received in a conversation on an Android device.

An unread message or new message will appear next to the contact number or contact information associated with a conversation thread when a blue dot appears next to it.

Blue dots are used to indicate that there are unread messages within a conversation. # blue dot on Android messages

This makes it easier to identify conversations that have new or unread messages and prioritize them accordingly.

Upon reviewing all the messages within a conversation, the blue dot will disappear, indicating that you have reviewed all the messages. # blue dot on Android messages

Depending on the model and version of the Android operating system, as well as any customizations made by the device manufacturer or mobile carrier, the blue dot may appear and behave differently.

It is possible to spot conversations with unread messages in the Android Messages app by paying attention to the blue dot, thereby ensuring that you do not miss any incoming messages.


Samsung Contacts’ blue dot feature enhances the organization and prioritization of your contact management process.

You can quickly identify and connect with contacts who are actively engaged in your communication by seeing which ones have recently been active or updated.

A blue dot provides a useful visual cue for guiding your interactions with friends, family, colleagues, or clients, whether you wish to communicate with them.

It is possible to streamline the management of your contacts, ensure timely follow-ups, and stay in touch with those who matter to you by using this feature.

Make the most of Samsung Contacts’ convenient, user-friendly tool for efficient communication by embracing the blue dot.