A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step however to me it should be in the right direction. If you want to earn money out of blogging trust me, you ought to start from somewhere. First you must be in it to earn from it!

The above notion proves sensible to me based on the experience and research I have done over the past four years. Ask any blogger and you will not be surprised with the hard work and dedication they put into this venture.

First coming up with this blog took me quite a while and it involved a lot of thinking and planning till I gained pace. I am not the rush type and thus had to check on everything just to make sure that I did my best.

Motivated by top bloggers, I am committed into making blogging a worthwhile venture. Do I regret blogging? Absolutely No and If you further ask any top bloggers whether they can substitute their careers with any other ‘worthy ones’? You will be surprised on the fact that they are here to stay.

Before we venture into Making Cents Out of Words, I’ll be glad to highlight some of the guides that are worthy to any blogger. Take note of this when starting your new blog!

As a blogger who is here for business you should monetize everything from the start. Make sure your blog is a penny worthy venture – this way you establish your way into earning from your blog. Strive to earn from everything in your blog.

Sacrificing time and effort into blogging just like any other business or venture often results in worthy outcomes in the long run. Starting a blog is a venture which can be compared to an activity of tendering a newborn child. It’s full of surprises and reactions! Quite often new bloggers are too eager to start their own blog and probably post their first post. The zeal is good, however one ought to be well prepared and ready to conquer any challenge that come on their way. Blogging requires commitment and yes real commitment if you want to earn from it!

In everything you do Be Consistent. Blogging is an art of content and purpose. As such your content ought to be consistent with the purpose of your blog. Have a long term goal for instance Making Cents Out of Words strives to be a top blogging site for share information and ideas. The blog is crucial in empowering the youth and women to embrace on the digital opportunities and earn a living out of it. I am here to provide quality posts on a regular basis.

There is no complication into blogging. It ought simple and easy to understand. Use simple language which is adaptive to your audience. Remember your target audience is the consumers of your content. Start by focusing on one demographic, for instance if you are into food business be prepared to make amazing recipes and food menus. 

Branding is essential if you want to sell from day one. Turn yourself into a brand. Become a brand that your niche loves. Your brand is what sells your products and services. Make use of the social media. The social media offers enabling tools for advertising and selling products. Here you can reach out to a wider audience over a shorter period of time. Just like any other business communication is essential and thus you should maintain a constant communication with your customers.

Advertising works perfect and is quite efficient if you use the social media. The internet provides a wide range of applications and opportunities that can be used for advertising purposes. Visual matters: readers love pictures. You can earn from Affiliate marketing which is good for bloggers. Be careful also to diversify your affiliate products and embrace multiple sources of income.

Always remember to have a balanced diet! Try a mix of styles for your content to make interesting and palatable. It is your audience that makes you grow as such you should feed them with the right content always. Build authority over your blog. Show that you are in control and that you are true to your words. People easily identify with honest bloggers whose content is original. Write on what you believe in and share correct information. It is worthy to give the actual facts and figures when referring to them and make it known for your opinions.

If you want to go bigger and grow your blog, use outsourcing. You can outsource your services using Virtual Assistants (VA). The VAs can be easily found in freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. Freelancing might work and you can use your blog to offer such services.

As a new blogger you should be prepared to take on new challenges. Don’t be afraid of new things – however as any risk taker would do, take calculated risks.

To all new bloggers Happy Blogging!