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Blogging is an art of content and purpose. It is a simple and convenient way of enlightenment, review or opinion giving over the internet.  Blogging is simple and flexible. The blogger has freedom to write their mind and is not limited. Blogging thus offer an unlimited opportunity to express yourself and explain your purpose.

Service men are called to service – A blogger is motivated by an urge and purpose to produce content. Blogging thus can be regarded as a calling of content production. Bloggers not only provide useful information or ideas but also they inspire and change lives.

As an art, blogging is an art of content and purpose. To blog you ought to have the right tools and platform. Words prove to be the most invaluable ingredient to any blogger however pictures also play a crucial role.

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” -Edgar Allan Poe

The blogger thus must have a rationale before choosing the correct words to use for his or her content. This stems primarily from the purpose of the blog. Making Cents Out of Words for instance is more of an online business and lifestyle blog thus it is mostly geared on content creation relating to online business and lifestyle. It also has a purpose of enlightenment through information and idea sharing.

After knowing his or her purpose, a blogger is then tasked with finding the right way to present his or her content. A good presentation is essential to every blog you write if you want to attract a more audience. If the presentation is poor and you have the content, you may fail to impress someone to read it. The contents of of blog can be presented using appropriate words, figures and pictures. You may also use tables, pie charts and graphs to compare or summarize your content. When presenting facts or figures, it crucial to present only factual information as false information may limit your credibility.

Lastly but not least always post your content in places where your target audience can easily access it. If you want to make the most out of your blog use the social media to advertise and reach out to more readers. The whole blogging exercise is thus a calling and an art. Making Cents Out of Words utilizes WordPress which has instrumental tools for blogging.

If you are into blogging, make sure your creativity speaks out!

Source: Blogging an Art or Calling?