Blogging in a way has transformed the individual’s narratives to be a part of the diatribe of the public. The form part of the everyday media and can be considered as part and parcel free speech. Bloggers often utilize this platform to air their views, opinions and perceptions. Their inputs are based on their needs and that of the clients they work for. Blogging has basis on personal opinion which can be altered easily depending on the source of the information. This thus limit it use in academic and other research related writings as a source of data or information. Monetizing of blogs have reduced is credibility as the blogs are quickly edited and written to match the demands by the users.

“Blogging has no control and thus can be easily manipulated to suit a particular purpose.”

However blogging might not be used in academic purposes, they form important aspect of online marketing. Blogs can reach out to many people over a short time thus can be utilized to market or sell a particular product. People broadcast their opinions on particular services or products and in a way people read and become interested in the products. The scope of blogging is unlimited and with the advances in the information and communication technologies, it has now become adaptable and easier to use. Blogs varies with respect to their lengths and function. A blog with a large audience is a powerful tool of information and may be beneficial or detrimental in use. The governments of the day can utilize the platform to pass information to the citizen or even receives concerns from the people.

Blog when used in bad way can cause chaos and havoc to life. For instance the use of blogging to send hate speech or radicalize the youths may be harmful to the security of nations.

Blogging is an advantage if it is utilized in a rightful manner to send accurate and credible information to the audience. This way it becomes a cheap and fast medium of communication. Companies can utilize this platform to reach out to their customers and receive feedback from them thereby helping them improve on the products and service delivery.

Blogging must be guided by individuals’ ethics and moral conduct of individuals so as to be an important tool of communication.