What Happens When You Block Someone on Reddit? By blocking someone, you prevent them from accessing your profile and content, you cannot access their account, and that person cannot contact you directly.

Blocks do not prevent you from interacting with blocked users when you are both members of the same group or if they are moderators of a subreddit.

We Redditors are fortunately fortunate to have the option to block someone for any reason that may cause us or another individual to feel unsafe.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to block someone on Reddit.

It is a forum for sharing news that offers a wide range of forums and subreddits that cover a wide range of topics.

Reddit’s tagline is “to dive into anything.” There are many different types of content available on Reddit; some may include text posts, GIFs, video segments spliced together, links, etc.

Reddit content is usually voted upon as an upvote or a downvote. Content with a high number of upvotes will appear on the site’s front page.

How Does Reddit Blocking Work?

A block can be used to prevent seeing the content that has been shared by someone. According to the Reddit website, a block will result in the following:

Can’t Access Your Profile and Content

There will be no access to your profile or content for the individual you have blocked. Your posts and comments will appear as [deleted] or [unavailable].

Blocked Accounts Are Inaccessible

In the same way, once you block someone, you will not see any of their posts. They will not appear in your feed, including any Subreddits you both frequent. If they had a rule violation, their comments wouldn’t be uncollapsed.

Being in a Group Chat With Someone You Blocked

In the event that you block someone, they will not be removed from the group chats that you are both a member of. However, you will still be able to interact with them there.

For your convenience, you can decide to leave the group for your peace of mind. When you join a group in the future, Reddit has a function that will notify you if you are to join a group chat with a person that you blocked in the past.

Blocking a Moderator

Neither blocking a moderator nor blocking a Redditor prevents them from seeing, responding to, and taking action on your comments.

Blocked Accounts Can Not Reach You Directly

If you are not a member of a group chat, you will not be able to message each other directly.

However, you will be able to reply, vote, and award each other’s posts in the Subreddits.

Ways to Block Someone on Reddit

A person can be blocked from their profile by following these steps:

  • Tap “…” in the top right corner of their profile and then click “Block user.” on an iOS or Android app.
  • To block a user, go to their profile on reddit.com and click “More Options” under their avatar.

To block someone from your user settings:

  • A Reddit App’s settings are under Blocking and Permissions, then Managed Blocked Accounts. Tap “Block” and search for the Redditor’s username that you want to block.
  • You can block Redditor by clicking “People You’ve Blocked” under “User Settings” on reddit.com.

When you block someone on Reddit can they still see your page?

In the event that you block someone on Reddit, they will not be able to view your profile, posts, or comments, nor can they send you messages or chat requests.

However, if your posts and comments are posted in public subreddits or threads in which the person is not banned, they may still be able to see them.

Furthermore, blocking someone on Reddit does not prevent them from seeing your username or any other public information you have shared on your profile, including your profile picture, bio, or memberships in subreddits.

It will, however, not allow you to interact with them in any way, and you will not be able to view any of their posts or comments either. # When you block someone on Reddit can they still see your page

In addition, blocking a user on Reddit should be a last resort if someone is harassing or spamming you.

In case of threatening or dangerous behavior, Reddit’s support team should be contacted or law enforcement should be contacted. # When you block someone on Reddit can they still see your page

Block Someone on Reddit
Block Someone on Reddit

Why can’t I block someone on Reddit?

It is possible that you will be unable to block someone on Reddit for a variety of reasons.

It is possible that you are trying to block an individual who has already deleted their account or has been banned.

If this is the case, you will not be able to use the block feature. # Why can’t I block someone on Reddit

In this case, it is possible that you are experiencing a technical problem on the Reddit platform.

To see if the block feature is available, you may wish to clear your browser cache or use another web browser. # Why can’t I block someone on Reddit

Lastly, it is important to note that some subreddits may have their own rules and guidelines regarding blocking, and users may not be able to block others within the subreddit itself.

It may be helpful to check the subreddit’s rules or to contact the subreddit’s moderators if you are experiencing difficulty blocking someone within a specific subreddit.

In the event you are unable to block someone on Reddit for any of the reasons listed above, you may wish to contact Reddit’s support team for further guidance.


In spite of the fact that Reddit is a wonderful place to find content related to the topics we are passionate about, we must also keep in mind that anyone can post about anything.

It may even be harmful, hurtful, and even harassing in some instances.

Please keep in mind that this website was designed to be a place of unity, entertainment, entertainment, and even education.

In the event that someone or something has caused you to feel uncomfortable and disturbed, you may always report them.

When you block someone on Reddit, you cannot interact with them across all platforms: on posts, comments, and direct messages.

If, however, they have already violated the content policy, you may want to submit a report.

Make the site a safer and more enjoyable environment by helping your Subreddit communities and looking out for fellow Redditors.