Best Email Marketing Agencies in India? Launch it Now

If you are starting a new business or are looking for a new email marketing platform, take a look at some of the best email marketing agencies in India that will save you valuable time and money!

In this post were are going to cover every pit of best email marketing agencies in India that you should be aware of.

There are a number of both free and paid best email marketing agencies in India that you can choose from. This will enable you to engage with your valuable audience or customers smoothly. A huge ROI is still generated by email marketing.

Now let’s look at some of the best free email marketing Agencies in India that are available online for you to join.

Best Email Marketing Agencies in India

Here I will provide you with the best email marketing agencies in India that you might not be aware of. These are well researched and put-together list this year for you.

#. ValueFirst

Also called

It is one of the best Email Marketing Agencies in India offering state-of-the-art email, SMS, and web-marketing services that assist clients in engaging with customers in the most conversion-driven manner.

email marketing agencies in India

As an Email marketing agency offering custom email marketing solutions that meet your needs, thanks to its working method that believes that the right tools can get any Email Marketing Campaign the results you want, we are one of the best Email marketing agencies in the world. has several notable benefits. These are not limited to Agile Marketing Technology and Expert Service, Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Permission Marketing. provide you with an array of email and SMS services from multiple channels with 100% deliverability, APIs for CPM/ERP integration, etc.

Additional features include building a subscriber list and only allowing opt-in lists, automatic unsubscribes, CAN-SPAM complaints, etc.

#. HubSpot

HubSpot can fuel your entire marketing funnel if you’re looking for a free email marketing tool. For your small business, this tool provides a growth platform that is all-in-one.

This is one of best email marketing platform in the whole world. Moreove, I consider it to be the best email marketing agencies in India.

All of your marketing tools, as well as all of your data, are available in a single, easy-to-use platform through Marketing Hub. By using it, you will save time and get all of the information you need to build an experience that converts customers at scale. 

In this post were are going to cover every pit of best email marketing agencies in India that you should be aware of.
best email marketing agencies in India

Marketing Hub

Marketing software that increases traffic, converts more visitors and lets you run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

Sales Hub

Sales CRM software allows you to see prospects at a deeper level, automate tasks you dislike, and close more deals faster.

Service Hub

Customer service software is designed to help you build relationships with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into brand advocates.

Marketing Hub places data at the core of everything marketers do as part of the HubSpot CRM platform. By aligning with sales, marketers can show ROI and validate their investments by using a CRM platform.

Whether you are using HubSpot’s software, services, or strategies, we help you scale your business, not your complexity. HubSpot can help you grow efficiently.

Among HubSpot’s free marketing tools is an email marketing tool that includes a variety of other marketing features that make email marketing more effective. Besides offering CRM and marketing automation features, HubSpot enables you to understand how your marketing strategy impacts your audience.

Along with CRM features, the platform has newsletter signup pages, a landing page builder, Facebook advertising, and social media tools. You’ll also have access to analytics tools as part of the free plan, so you can develop a more effective strategy.

While HubSpot has a somewhat limited monthly email sending limit, it still offers one of the most efficient and effective free email marketing services to improve lead generation, manage your lists, and ensure delivery.

#. MailGet

MailGet lets you send mass emails either via SMTP, or through the in-built SMTP, that can be accessed via any external SMTP service.

email marketing agencies in India

You can manage all your subscribers with MailGet, and you can easily build email messages with its drag-and-drop email builder, and set up a variety of automation rules to send emails automatically. You can easily manage your whole email marketing campaign with it. Once you sign up for an account and connect to SMTP, you’re ready to send emails.

There is no reason to doubt MailGet’s reliability. You can send emails via an inbuilt SMTP server and you can also experiment with several external SMTP servers in order to achieve the best possible email delivery. You will get the best deliverability rates, just as you would with Amazon SES. You can use Amazon SES or another SMTP service to send emails directly. 

India’s top email marketing software is MailGet. It allows you to customize your emails with a responsive design. Integration with social media platforms helps you brand your products.

  • You can send emails in bulk using this tool since it supports a large email base and subscriber list.
  • All your subscribers will be managed in one location through its list management feature.
  • Importing email lists with email list cleaning is available with this software.
  • 99% of its emails are opened by its email drip campaign technology.

#. Pabbly Email Marketing 

If you are searching for a unicorn, check out Pambly Email Marketing. Among the lowest prices in the email marketing industry, you can send unlimited emails at a very high delivery rate of 99%. It has its own SMTP, but you can also use an external SMTP provider if you prefer.

best email marketing agencies in india

What’s great about Pabbly Email Marketing is that “No Technical Expertise” is required. Create an account and send your first email campaign immediately.

Email marketing applications such as this one provide you with the option to send bulk emails either through an external SMTP service or a built-in SMTP.

With Pabbly Email Marketing, you can manage all your subscribers’ lists, create emails using drag-and-drop functionality, and automate sending emails using automation rules. With this software, you can manage your entire email marketing campaign. You can send emails as soon as you create an account and connect with SMTP.

The email marketing platform works with 50+ SMTP servers as well as external vendors, such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Email, etc. Pabbly Email Marketing’s support is always available to answer any questions you may have about SMTP connectivity. Pabbly Email Marketing will set up the SMTP server for you for free.

What’s even better is that the inbuilt SMTP feature of Pabbly Email Marketing is absolutely free, and you don’t need to pay a penny to use it.

#. Sender

Using, you can easily create, automate, and send emails. It’s a simple and straightforward email marketing tool. … Your email campaigns will reach your subscribers, and your content will be available to them quickly and easily via their smartphones.

image 42 is incredibly easy to use because it offers a drag and drop interface. makes creating professional emails a snap even if you do not have HTML knowledge or experience.

By adding images and customized elements, you can add a personal touch to your messages using Sender. Choose from a wide selection of pre-built templates or create your own by adding your own images and custom elements. A simple way to showcase your products in your newsletter can help you attract new customers.

As well as desktop platforms, your emails have been optimized for mobile. Using their smartphones or tablets, your recipients can access your marketing materials from anywhere.

#. Mail Marketer

Mail Marketer gives you better email delivery through an intelligent email delivery engine. Mail Marketer has grown to become the largest bulk email service provider in India by providing a business continuity plan designed to ensure reliable bulk emailing. Mail Marketer attracts top brands in India and companies in every sector.

image 43

An Indian email marketing company trusted by 800+ businesses to channel their email campaigns.

Mail Marketer is among the top Email Marketing companies that send bulk emails, newsletters, event invitations, mass emails, and promotions.

Mail Marketer allows you to set up your campaign automatically without installing software or configuring mail servers.

Choose this option if you are looking for a Profitable Reseller Solution that offers flexible reseller plans to let you get started with your own bulk email reseller service.

Mail Marketer offers plans that are suitable for any budget, so no matter what size your list is or how many emails you want to send, we have a plan that is suitable for you.

#. Omnisend

A platform for automating e-commerce marketing, Omnisend automates marketing automation for businesses. It is at the heart of email marketing because it simplifies the creation of beautiful emails. User data, campaign engagements, and shopping patterns allow Omnisend users to customize their automated messages.

Free Email Marketing Services

Omnisend automation workflows can include multiple channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and more. Customers can also experience an immersive customer experience with segments synchronized with Facebook and Google retargeting ads.

 By using Omnisend, all users can effectively implement omnichannel marketing.

Using email marketing automation means sending messages at an appropriate moment, contextualizing them, and personalizing them. There are several automation templates available from Omnisend, such as Welcome emails, Cart abandonment emails, Order updates, Reactivation emails, and Order follow-up emails.

You can design newsletters using drag-and-drop content editing without needing to learn coding, integration or anything else. 

Signup forms, popups for welcome and exit intentions, a fun Wheel of Fortune, and customizable landing pages can all be used.

Ominisend enables users to send promotional emails and certain segments to their customers. You can use Omnisend to implement omnichannel marketing strategies combining email, social media, SMS, and other channels on one platform.

 With any marketing channel, Omnisend can streamline and optimize Your efforts so that you can reach more customers and generate more revenue.

#. Pepipost

As a provider of email marketing services, Pepipost views itself as a highly evolving company. The reason for this is that Pepipost uses artificial intelligence to enhance deliverability. You can manage your email campaigning with ease thanks to real-time reports and subaccount management.

email marketing agencies in India
email marketing agencies in India

Pepipost enable your to track all your emails.  The Pepipost platform allows you to track every email and keep the data for up to 90 days. Furthermore, metadata can be accessed at any time during the life cycle of an email.

Pepipost uses artificial intelligence. By harnessing machine learning, they optimize delivery speeds, reduce bounce rates, and open multiple parallel connections per sender.

Pepipost provides its users with subaccount management. These management systems are under one master account and it has one unique login credentials and SMTP, IP addresses, and statistics.

In the pricing section of Pepipost’s website, you can see how much the service costs based on how many emails you send per month. Moving the slider towards the right increases email numbers, as well as the price axiomatically. If you really want to send 600,000 emails per month, the plan that will appeal to you will cost $145 a month.

#. Kenscio

Kenscio was founded in 2009 as an email service provider, Since then Kenscio has evolved into a digital marketing tech hup. 

In addition to providing cloud-based digital marketing services in Email, SMS, Push, and WhatsApp, Kenscio is a leading marketing and technology organization. 

email marketing agencies
email marketing agencies in India

A full range of omnichannel options is available, including web, mobile, SEO, SMO, SEM, and social media. As a provider of marketing services, Kenscio offers round-the-clock Campaign Management services, Deliverability Services, Creative, Content, Web & Mobile Development, and user experience research & design.

The Kenscio future-focused products include Kenscio Marketing Cloud, Kenscio Real-Time Personalization (RTP), Kenscio SMTP Server, Kenscio Analytics Platform, Kenscio Email Intelligence, Kenscio Email Validator, Kenscio Mobility Cloud, Customer Engagement Platform, and Kenscio Predictive Analytics.

By choosing Kenscio, you will have access to leading technology solutions to help you run Email Marketing Campaigns that allow for personalization and one-to-one communication.

Kenscio acquisition feature enables users to run managed email marketing campaigns. These managed campaigns are not limited to email validation, Large data solutions, marketing automation, and others.

Kenscio is among the top Email Marketing Agencies in India because it provides real-time email personalization, multi-channel marketing, as well as social media listening services.

#. Moosend

Send 1,000 emails a month with the free plan/trial 

Small businesses, publishers, bloggers, and agencies, as well as eCommerce and SaaS, are best suited to this version. The user interface provides drag-and-drop options for building email templates.

best email marketing agencies in india
email marketing agencies in india

The marketing automation tools by Moosend are also useful for generating leads, automating campaigns, and increasing leads. It features a wide selection of responsive email newsletter templates that will allow you to create email newsletters like a pro without having to have a lot of technical expertise.

If you want to discover if Moosend can help you increase open rates and conversions, it offers free demos of its marketing automation functionality and powerful segmentation features.

Moosend’s free account allows you to track the results of your campaigns using advanced reporting and analytics. You can easily learn how to grow your subscription list by using the online form builder and landing page editor free of charge.

Moosend, an email platform from Microsoft, is an excellent platform for sending unlimited emails to new businesses and marketers. You can build your own landing pages, workflows, and form builders if you create a free account.

There is a $9/month plan with Moosend, which includes the ability to set up forms and landing pages, use of an SMTP server, segmentation, and reporting. By signing up for a free Moosend account, you can send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 contacts.

#. Mailchimp

With the free plan, you can send 10,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers

This product is best suited for e-commerce and publishing.

The ability to target users based on their behavior is a unique feature.

Email marketing services

A free email marketing service like Mailchimp can’t be ignored if you’re in the market for one. In addition to offering email newsletter templates and A/B testing features, this platform also has a CRM integrated to assist you in your business venture.

Your emails can be resized easily with Mailchimp based on your brand. In Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant, you can customize the size of emails based on your brand. In case you rely heavily on visuals, Mailchimp’s content studio lets you store images, graphics, and more.

The feature of behavioral tagging in Mailchimp can also be used to create targeted marketing campaigns like abandoned cart emails. Mailchimp’s free plan allows you to track site views in addition to website engagement.

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, Mailchimp’s free newsletters can be a great resource. There are some free alternatives to Mailchimp listed here, which do not have branded footers.

#. VibeMail

First do more research about this provider. This site has mix reaction online and it is important that you first do more research before you decide to go with them. Here are what they claim to do.

We offer the most competitive, cost-effective email marketing plans coupled with unbeatable bulk email delivery methods with VibeMail, one of the most reliable bulk email service providers.

image 46

With VibeMail’s highly affordable mass email service, dependable with high uptime and customer support, email marketing to ensure high inbox delivery is possible.

Reputed Email Servers

To improve bulk email delivery, VibeMail uses its vast email infrastructure to balance and route bulk email through reputed SMTP servers.

99.99% Service Uptime

Multi-data center data infrastructure ensures high service availability across the United States, Europe, and Asia

Featured Emailing Tool

WYSIWYG HTML editor helps create professional HTML emails with advanced email marketing features such as auto-responders and triggers.

Reputation Monitor

Through VibeMail, IP reputation is monitored across Real-time Black Lists in order to prevent email delivery problems.

VibeMail monitors IP reputations and separates bulk email campaigns from ISPs, while its cloud-based mass emailing service ensures the best service uptime.

The advanced features of VibeMail enable you to send, track, & create a bulk email campaign.

#. Brainpulse

Brainpulse provides online visitor conversion solutions that work. India’s leading digital marketing company offers innovative and effective digital marketing solutions to startups, entrepreneurs, and small companies.

 The Brainpulse motto is to help businesses create meaningful relationships with customers, grow their online presence, and deliver personalized experiences.

The Digital Marketing & SEO Company in India is a renowned digital marketing service provider with extensive experience in a wide range of industries and industries verticals. In partnership with our clients, they provide a broader range of digital marketing services (SEO, PPC, SMM), web development, and mobile application development.

image 47

In addition to its excellent team of digital marketers, SEO experts, and PPC managers, Brainpulse helps clients throughout the entire marketing process. They ensure brands’ products and services will be seen the right way at the right time with their hyper-personalized digital marketing campaigns.

Different digital marketing channels are integrated into Brainpulse digital marketing solutions. This is to make sure that your company’s message is communicated equally on all platforms where potential customers are. 

In addition to helping you sort your business goals, determine your voice, decide your target demographic, and measure your results, Brainpulse digital marketing consultants can help you determine your business objectives. 

You do not need to worry about defining a marketing strategy or composing a campaign plan. 

Their campaign planning, monitoring, and reporting are based on analytics, unlike traditional marketing approaches. They can track and measure the performance of campaigns, which helps you to improve them further to maximize return on investment.


  • Email Data Mining – By validating the potential email address, you can reduce bounce rates by removing bad emails.
  • Email Marketing Automation – You can also automatically segment, personalize, and deploy your email campaigns according to your preferences.
  • Open And Click Through Tracking – Upon clicking the link or opening the email, an automated response summary is provided. Furthermore, you can manage your email lists to remove useless messages.
  • Bounce Handling –Discover whether a particular email address should be deleted or if it should be given another chance by examining mail bounces.

#. EmailOctopus

This low-cost platform delivers the features that businesses and authors need to market to their audiences and grow their mailing list. Email messages can be created in both HTML-rich and plain text formats.

With the automation and segmentation tools, users can create drip campaigns and set up automatic responses. Users can also send customized messages to specific subscribers with targeted messages.

Free Email Marketing Services

EmailOctopus was originally offered as part of Amazon’s SES service. It offers a clean user interface and the easiest email builder. Despite the lack of features, EmailOctopus is still quite good, especially for a new company.

By adding fields, importing, and exporting your email lists, you can also manage them easily. Your email content will be personalized based on segmentation and personalization when you use the free version.

It is an excellent tool for beginners who require basic customer service and don’t care about branding, as well as those who don’t mind an e-mail address.

EmailOctopus Features

  • Statistics stored for 30 days
  • Drag-and-drop editor for email
  • Customers with basic needs are supported
  • Keep an email list up to date

With its free plan, EmailOctopus offers simplicity at its finest. From $24/month, you will have free access to the design of your email as well as priority support.

#. MailerLite

12,000 emails per month are included in the free trial/plan for 1,000 subscribers

You should use it: if you are creative, a blogger, a small business, or a non-profit

The ability to run A/B tests is unique.

MailerLite is another free service we list together with MailerLite . Although the platform’s user-friendly editor and UI are very user-friendly, even those who have no experience can easily create email campaigns.

In addition, MailerLite is an excellent option for bloggers and creatives due to the built-in feature of creating professional newsletter images through the built-in text editor.


In addition to email marketing, its free software allows users to automate email campaigns with features such as contact tagging, advanced segmentation, and A/B testing. In addition to providing email campaign reports and surveys, it also provides reporting and analytics.

Overall, MailerLite is a straightforward and straightforward service for beginners who want to send their first email campaign and grow their list, as long as they don’t mind the logo on the platform.

#. MailJet

The intuitive and collaborative tools in Mailjet make it easy to create email marketing campaigns. A pre-designed template may be customized to generate emails that are responsive regardless of the device used. The platform enables seamless collaboration between teams thanks to real-time collaboration.


Furthermore, dynamic content can be added to this email marketing tool so that the content can be customized and tailored to each recipient. You can then get greater results with your email marketing campaigns. You can also integrate the platform into your CRM and manage your mailing list through a single dashboard.

With MailJet, you can easily create emails using drag-and-drop, and you can segment your audience for targeted campaigns. It allows you to update multiple elements of an email at once, allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues.

The free plan does not offer online customer support, so in terms of customer support, this is not offered. With MailJet’s free version, you can get started with basic automation tools, but it lacks online support.

Mailjet Features

  • Contacts can be organized in an unlimited number of ways
  • An email campaign co-created with a third party
  • Analysis and reporting of email statistics
  • Sending SMTP messages through a relay service

Compared to other free email marketing providers, MailJet’s free plan limits you to sending out a limited number of emails per month. There are three tiers available starting at $9.65/month that provide additional features and customer support.

#. Sendinblue

Taking advantage of marketing automation and managing email marketing campaigns is easy with Sendinblue. From its beginnings, Sendinblue was an email transaction platform, and it has evolved to include email marketing and marketing automation.

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create custom email templates and newsletters in the tool.


The Sendinblue template library is not particularly extensive, but the service provides mobile-responsive campaigns. Sendinblue is more than just a free email newsletter service. With SMS marketing, you can also reach out to mobile users.

You can manage your contacts more efficiently using segmentation in the free plan, which allows you to customize emails and SMS. Additionally, marketing automation is available for free.

While workflows can be created in the workflow editor, a maximum of 2,000 contacts can be managed.

Besides offering SMS marketing tools, SendinBlue offers a great email marketing tool as well as a good sender score. You should keep in mind that Sendinblue logos are included in your email campaigns.

Sendinblue Features

  • Optimized newsletters for mobile devices
  • Through SMS personalization, SMS marketing can be targeted
  • Segmenting subscribers according to their interests
  • Contact details and contact lists can help you keep track of your contacts
  • Email and SMS can be used to transact
  • A form builder can help you generate more leads

Sendinblue’s free plan offers all the necessary features, despite a daily email sending limit of 300. Featuring A/B testing and starting at $25/month, this plan includes advanced features.

#. Benchmark Email

Benchmark is a good choice as an alternative to Constant Contact for small and midsize businesses. The software is free to use and also offers Internet marketing in over fifteen countries.

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This tool is simple to use. The interface is straightforward. It demonstrates that simply does not equal bad, as Benchmark’s free email marketing tool is quite well known. You will save time and look great with an easy-to-use email editor and responsive templates.

The free version of Benchmark Email gives you access to basic lead generation, simple reporting, and some marketing automation tools. This is a great way to learn about email marketing with Benchmark Email and create your first drip campaign.

Benchmark Email Features

  • Drip campaigns and signup forms
  • Reports on engagement in real-time
  • Manage your emails with these tools
  • Public opinion surveys and polls

If you want to get started with Benchmark, you can do so for free, but it comes with some limitations. For access to Benchmark Email’s advanced features, two premium plans start at $15 per month.

#best email marketing agencies in India

Why You Need Email Marketing Agencies in India

Email marketing can be used in a variety of ways – some of the most common include:

  • Engage in personalized interactions to build relationships.
  • Keep your customers and prospects informed about your company and your services so they are ready to engage when the time comes.
  • Sharing relevant blog content or assets with prospects via email is a great way to promote your content.
  • Generate leads by offering a valuable asset in exchange for subscribers’ personal information.
  • Promote your products: Let people know what you offer.
  • Develop content that helps your customers succeed in their goals to nurture leads.

Benefits of Email Marketing Agencies in India

  • Email is the best place to reach your customers since there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide.
  • The average return on investment from email is 3,800%, or $38 for every dollar spent.
  • More than two thirds of customers have purchased directly from email marketing messages.
  • A mere 20% of leads sent to sales are qualified, so email and good content are required to nurture them.
  • The email marketing channel is 40X more effective than both Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to customer acquisition.
  • You own the channel, which is perhaps the best aspect of email marketing. It is not possible for an external entity to influence how, when, or why you communicate with your subscribers besides compliance regulations.


My final word of advice is to select email marketing agencies in India that are knowledgeable and understands your needs. You should select the right features and tools to increase your customer base. Your business will grow to new heights when you use the right marketing emails.

#best email marketing agencies in India

Marketing and advertising through email play an important role in the success of your business. Therefore, it is crucial to look for the right solution to meet your email marketing requirements.

#best email marketing agencies in India

To scale your business, you need to choose email marketing agencies in India that offers many advanced email features.

#best email marketing agencies in India

A successful email campaign has several features. Write a list of them all. Management of subscribers lists, email automation, and responsive emails are some of the most important email marketing features. You should also consider customer support and pricing.

#email marketing agencies in India

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