Choosing the best affiliate marketing programs is very vital to the success of your business endeavor. Currently, there are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet, and you may find it difficult to decide which is the best affiliate marketing program for you.

What is affiliate marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing involves affiliates earning commissions for marketing a product on behalf of another person or company. As an affiliate, you find a product you enjoy, then promote it and earn a portion of the profits every time a sale is made.

You as an affiliate can promote the products in various ways. 

You can promote products on your website. These can be tour website guides, review websites, business platforms, technology bloggers, mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, or all kinds of other websites.

It would be a great side hustle to earn from your website.

Moreover, you can promote products with your followings on social media especially if you have huge followings.

Ways to do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing blog

A blog post can be written on your website if you have one, and you can include your affiliate link in the post.

If you are a newbie and beginner there are various articles to help you create your own blog and after that article on website, Optimization to increase traffic to your site.

Paid ads

Affiliate marketing with paid ads. Here you have to pay for ads to promote your product links.

Social media platforms

This one works best when you have a huge following on either Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or any other social platform.

Email list

Either through email campaigns or promotional emails. this works best if you have a lot of emails to customers who can purchase the products.

Learn about email marketing here.

Top 10 best affiliate marketing programs in South Africa.

Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit business?

Yes, the best thing about this program is that you don’t even need a niche to start making money.

Wealthy Affiliate is a website with tools, training, and resources for affiliate marketers. You can learn how to optimize your business’ website and generate internet traffic through their up-to-date training programs. By Wealthy Affiliate marketing all of the world’s leading brands on your website, Wealthy Affiliate lets you earn an income from this traffic.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs
Best affiliate program in South Africa.

There is nothing on Wealthy Affiliate’s website about a fast track to internet wealth. Affiliate marketing is known for its get-rich-quick schemes. As an alternative, they outline how they guide their clients to achieve their business goals.

Wealthy Affiliate is considered to be the best platform. It offers both free and premier membership.

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If you are a travel influencer or blogger, this is for you.

TravelStart is considered one of the easiest websites for discovering and booking flights or accommodations on the Internet today. That’s great.

 It’s really easy to join and also it pays between R90 and R170 per booking for referrals.

The TravelStart affiliate marketing program is an absolute necessity for anyone in the travel industry.

Their affiliate program can be promoted using text links and display banners. In this section, you will promote hotels, flights, car rentals, and holiday packages.

TravelStart can pay you directly into your bank account in South Africa via direct deposit, depending on the terms of your agreement with TravelStart.

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Compared to banks, traditional lenders and other websites, Wonga’s short-term loans are much faster, easier, and more flexible than those offered by traditional lenders.

Applicants can apply for flexible loans with a value up to R4000 for new customers or R8000 for existing customers. The company has become one of the most trusted and innovative in South Africa.

Wonga has an affiliate program.

Wonga Affiliate Program requirements and process

  1. Own a website that relates to personal loans, personal finance, the financial industry, or would be a good match for Wonga
  2. Minimum 25000 unique visitors to your website per month
  3. We will evaluate your application for the Wonga Affiliate Program after you apply.
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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Loot is one of the largest online retailers in South Africa, offering a huge range of products for sale online. You will earn 5% of any first order of any customer who signs up for Loot online through your affiliate link.

affiliate marketing programs
Affiliate programs with WebliHost

Affiliate Policy offers affiliate programs through which participating organizations can earn money by promoting to visitors to their websites. Programs such as this one are aimed at popular websites and portals looking to earn cash instead of vouchers for referrals. Most people should use our referral program instead. requires customers to sign up first as a customer, then fill out the affiliate application online.

For each new customer, you refer, you are entitled to 5% of the order value. When a referred customer places his or her first order at, referral earnings become eligible for payment. In the event that that customer subsequently returns items on that order to for credit, no referral fee will be charged for that particular customer.

If you earn more than R100 from your affiliate commission each month, you will be paid monthly.

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Shape Wear Shop

You can promote a South African online retailer as an affiliate marketer. It offers a wide range of swimwear, gym wear, and buttshaping pants.

You can join the Shape Wear Shop affiliate program here, and they offer a 10% referral commission.

image 13

There are two options for earning commissions.

  1. Through links on social media

 2. Through coupon method on static banner ads

Shape wear shop affiliate marketing program pays you at the end of every month. The only available payment method is through a bank account. No PayPal option.

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Coach Parry Affiliate Programs

The South African health and fitness market offer many opportunities for specialists.

The products and services in this category are fairly easy to promote if you are a fitness blogger or influencer. Learn how to make money online using these health and wellness affiliate programs.

Coach Lindsay Parry has taken part in two Olympic Games as a member of the South African team, helping athletes reach their goals to win world titles, win the teammate marathon, and finish teammates of countless athletes.

As an affiliate, you can promote Lindsay’s online training platform to earn commissions on monthly or annual club training plans or 12 consecutive weeks, bikes, or triathlon training plans.

Join the affiliate program here.


World’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor. This website gets millions of monthly visitors, and you are welcome to join as an affiliate marketer and earn Commissions. When you connect customers to any service provider listed on the TripAdvisor website they will be paying you commission for that. With flights, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, you really have millions of options to win.

What travel blogger doesn’t want to be a part of this industry? There is something romantic about traveling the world and writing about it. It’s a bonus if you can afford it as well! Even though most of us can’t travel the world all the time, we can write about it.

Write a travel blog and then come here and get an affiliate link.

Join Tripadvisor here

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Tech and Gadgets Affiliate Programs


South African web store iToys specializes in selling apple accessories for the iPhone and iPad. You can earn a 5% commission through their affiliate program on the sale of each iPhone, iPad, Mac, and App

Join affiliate programs here.

Xtreme Accessories

In South Africa, Xtreme Accessories has always been the leader in selling GoPro accessories, as well as an extensive range of other cameras and accessories. Aside from drones and gimbals, they also sell everything an outdoor adventure enthusiast might need.

You earn 5% on all sales you generate through your affiliate link when you refer visitors to Xtreme Accessories.

Affiliate program link here.

Home Improvement Hub

There is no doubt that home improvement and renovation businesses in South Africa greatly benefit from the Home Improvement Hub platform. To perform for new inquiries about renovation or home improvements, they are willing to pay up to R50.

Home Improvement Hub affiliate marketing program here.

Insurance Affiliate Programs

Globally, insurance companies tend to pay too much for lead generation. It’s competitive here, but if you can drive traffic to these businesses, you’ll get rewarded for lead generation

Instant Life

Certainly, generating a lead for life insurance is a very costly game. The Instant Life business model is also based on lead generation, but for life insurance. While Instant Life does not advertise its referral commission, it is generally considered that the industry pays too much for lead generation.

Join the affiliate program here.

Insurance Hound

Insurance Hound is a platform for generating leads for insurance companies. Insurance shoppers can get competitive quotes by submitting their details and insurance hounds and then passing them on to different insure

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Affiliate marketing can be the best source of income if you utilise the available tips and follow the necessary steps.

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