10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria in 2022

If you run a blog and have huge followings on social media and you are interested in making money with it, then join one of the best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

If you personally don’t produce products or services, affiliate marketing is the option for you for making money. Just join and start earning. Here, you earn a commission on the basis of referrals that you recommend and they eventually purchase the product or service.

Mostly, I will focus on products affiliate programs here in Nigeria, however, I will not forget to mention a few service affiliate programs.

 There are people that make money every day on the Internet, and this is not a fraud. If you are interested in making money online as an affiliate, I will do my best to inform you about how and which methods work best. This can be done while in Nigeria in the comfort of your home.

 Here is a post that aims to inform you of the best Nigerian affiliate marketing programs.

Online marketers seeking to make a living from home can take advantage of the affiliate marketing program. Buying from reputable companies and buying the right products doesn’t need to take a lot of time.

Nigeria’s affiliate marketing industry is one of the largest online businesses, and its power cannot be understated. Affiliate marketing pays well in Nigeria, making it possible for you to make it big.

Throughout this post, I’ll discuss the most lucrative affiliate programs available to Nigerians.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re considering affiliate marketing. When it comes to affiliate marketing in Nigeria, there are no limits to how much you can make.

When you don’t sell products or services, affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the most successful methods for monetizing your blog. If you join an affiliate marketing program in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, you will gain exclusive access to new content and special deals for your audiences. In addition, you will earn cool cash.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of an online retailer paying a commission for sales leads derived through your affiliate link. It is your job to direct people to the seller’s site so they may purchase their goods or services.

Your affiliate sales commission increases with each sale that originates from a link on your site.

Online marketers and anyone looking to earn money from the comfort of their own homes should try affiliate marketing. Before you start earning money online, you don’t have to spend all day looking for buyers for the products you’re promoting.

There is no question about affiliate marketing’s power in Nigeria, as it is one of the most popular online businesses. It’s possible to earn a good income via the different paying affiliate marketing programs available in Nigeria. There are no limits to how much you can make with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

The best affiliate programs in Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is the largest online shopping mall in Nigeria and also on the continent. Moreover, it is the best among Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria. One of NaijaTechGuide’s main revenue streams comes from Jumia, Nigeria’s leading shopping destination.

Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria,

The Affiliate Program on Jumia provides access to all the products and services on the platform and lets you earn commissions when they purchase. Provides a variety of products and services throughout the country.

Like the majority of affiliate programs, Jumia Affiliate program provides links to its products to its affiliates, and these affiliates then promote those products with their online audience or followers. 

How to Join Jumia affiliate program?

In order to ensure ease of use, Jumia has simplified every part of their affiliate program, while still maintaining incredibly accurate tracking methods.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join the affiliate program at the Jumia website
  2. To select which product(s) to promote, log in to your affiliate dashboard
  3. Promote your brand with deep links, banners, and feeds from them
  4. You can embed links into an email campaign, your social media profiles, or your website.
  5. Promote your affiliate links using every tool at your disposal. 
  6. You will be able to record the sale as a sale if the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session, as cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely).
  7. As part of the sale review, Jumia will approve it.
  8. Payments for commissions are received on the 30th of every month (if you have at least N10,000).

Join Jumia as an affiliate

2. Konga Affiliate Program

The Konga affiliate program is another one you can join. There are more than 100,000 products you can promote on this website.

Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

In addition to paying well, they offer a great commission model. Affiliates receive a commission of up to 9%. In the Konga Affiliate Program, there is no restriction on how you should promote affiliate products. Additionally, if you have a blog or website, that is advantageous.

Programs are run by Konga Affiliate Pro, one of the most popular affiliate tracking products. Cookies, as well as IP addresses, are used by Konga Affiliate Pro to ensure the highest level of reliability.

How does the Konga affiliate program work?

In order to guarantee ease of use and still maintain accurate tracking methods, Konga reorganized its entire affiliate program.

Second on my list of Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign up by filling out the form on the website.
  2. Choose which promotional material you want to use from your affiliate account.
  3. You can embed the links in your website, blog, on social media platforms, or in your email marketing campaigns.
  4. Utilize various marketing strategies to increase sales.
  5. Visiting your site, social media platform, or email and clicking on the Konga affiliate link.
  6. A cookie is then placed in the visitor’s browser for 30 days, which allows the site to track their activity.
  7. Your visitor will be credited as a sale if he or she orders.
  8. In regards to the sale, Konga will review and approve it.
  9. Up to 9% of your balance will be paid out to you every third Wednesday of the month, as long as it remains above N10,000.

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Become Konga affiliate

3. PayPorte Affiliate Program

PayPorte is another e-commerce business that is widely recognized as Nigeria’s favorite e-commerce business in terms of product quality, customer services, and numerous products to promote as an affiliate.

PayPorte since its launch has been catering to all demography from youths to adults, from urban to rural areas. PayPorte provides a wide range of products for affiliates from fashion and accessories, home appliances, tech gadgets, furniture, fabrics softener, etc.

Below is the process to register and promote your 1st PayPorte product.

  1. Visit Payporte website and register as an affiliate.
  2. Log in and select the product you would like to market. Lots of options are available.
  3. Do not forget to get referral links and promotional banners.
  4. Promote the affiliate links on your website, blogs, emails or your followings on social media.
  5. Know that you will earn a commission of 5-10 %, that will be paid to your bank.

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Become PayPorte affiliate

4. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is perhaps one of Nigeria’s most popular sports betting sites.

The site also offers casino and virtual gaming activities, including the popular Bet9ja League, in addition to sports betting.

image 2

One of Bet9ja’s incentives is a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $100,000 for new clients who join and make their first successful deposit – the greatest offer of its type in Nigeria.

The revolutionary real-time cash-out option, as well as 170 percent Multiple Boosts on accumulators, will be available to users. By allowing in-game cash outs on pre-game bets, Cash Out gives players even greater control over their betting, helping to ensure profits and decrease losses.

In the first month after joining the Bet9ja Affiliate Program, members receive a 50% revenue share.

Before you can start earning money with the Bet9ja affiliate program, you must first sign up for it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given your own unique affiliate link to use when referring people to the site.

Here’s how it works…

You’ll get up to 20% of the difference between how much your referrals lost and won at bet9ja.


Join Bet9ja as an affiliate

5. Amazon Affiliate Program

Associates earn commissions by generating unique product links, advertising the links on their website, and sending referral traffic back to Amazon through the Amazon Affiliate program. It works like this:

  1. On the Amazon Affiliate program, website owners can create an account.
  2. A unique Associate ID is assigned to each website owner by Amazon.
  3. Affiliates can start generating affiliate links in their Amazon portal after their application has been accepted.
  4. The links are then embedded in blog posts or other areas of the website by the affiliates.
  5. The affiliate receives commission when someone clicks the link and makes a transaction.

What you should know is that because there are so many different items with varied values, commissions will vary depending on which one you decide to promote as an affiliate. Car parts, for example, will be more expensive, and you will make good money by only selling three pieces of them.

So affiliates should be able to choose products that they know they will be able to sell. Moreover, if the product is expensive then selling one of them is worth selling millions of other low-valued products.

Because the figures can skew low at the start of your Amazon Associate adventure, make sure you have another source of income in addition to becoming an Amazon Associate.

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements and Rules

Being an Amazon Associate is a fantastic way to monetize side ventures or enhance your brand’s income. However, Amazon has criteria for affiliates to follow, so it’s wise to familiarize yourself with them before getting started. Noncompliance may result in program expulsion.

  1. You must state that you may be compensated for your suggestions on your website or in your communications.
  2. To ensure the integrity of your suggestions, refrain from making false or misleading claims.
  3. With a few exceptions, avoid mentioning prices because they fluctuate frequently.
  4. Amazon affiliate links should not be used in offline marketing, eBooks, or emails.
  5. When it comes to affiliate links, avoid using URL shorteners.

Join Amazon affiliate program

6. Travelstart Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is aimed at travel influencers and bloggers.

When it comes to finding and booking flights and lodgings on the Internet, TravelStart is regarded as one of the best site to use today. 


For anybody working in the travel business, TravelStart’s affiliate marketing network is a must-have tool.

Using text links and display banners, you may advertise their affiliate program. Hotels, airfares, auto rentals, and vacation packages will all be promoted in this area of your website.

A direct transfer to a Nigerian bank account can be made by TravelStart, based on the conditions of your contract with TravelStart

Affiliate Program at Travelstart

  1. As an associate partner, you’ll receive money every time a user clicks over to their site and makes a trip booking through them.
  2. You may recommend their site to your users by integrating their affiliate banners and links on your website or other promotional platforms.
  3. In addition, you’ll receive the tools, feeds, and support you need to acquire new clients.
  4. High-quality CRM program designed to increase client retention and loyalty over time
  5.  The monitoring system will record and pay you your commission at the end of the month.

Join TravelStart affiliate program

7. VConnect Affiliate Program

VConnect, Nigeria’s first online shopping company, which ventured into the online marketplace in 2015, has added affiliate marketing to their strategy to help create more awareness about their services and also to let prospective affiliates earn commissions from converting prospective customers.

As with other top affiliate systems for e-commerce websites, Vconnect Affiliate System has similar features to the Konga Affiliate System.

At this time, both Vconnect and Konga affiliate systems are run by Post Affiliate Pro’s software.

To begin, you will need to:

  1. Visit their website to register for free
  2. Access your affiliate dashboard by logging in
  3. Select the product that should be marketed. The commission rate varies depending on the type of product
  4. Get referral links and promotion banners 
  5. Use links on your website, social media campaigns or in email promotions 
  6. Now, if one person purchases a VConnect product using your link, automatically that will be registered for you.
  7. Payment will be made after a successful transaction between the customer and VConncect.

8. Wakanow Affiliate Program

In addition to its physical presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Wakanow has aggressive ambitions to build new agencies around Africa. Wakanow has expanded its reach throughout Africa with a straightforward payment system, outstanding customer service, and technology at the center of its processes.

Wakanow affiliate program allows people like you, bloggers, and travel agencies to market their products. With its huge commissions offered by 

Their affiliate program offers tremendous commissions on:

  • Wakanow offers upto 40% discount on its domestic and international hotels.
  • Offer discounts on Domestic and International Airlines 
  • Check available discounts of up to 20% Visa processing services offered by Wakanow.
  • Wakanow offers upto 5% discount on their over 45000 pickup services. 
  • Up to 10% holiday packages Discount on Wakanow.com
  • Finally, the affiliate program allows you to regulate the pricing of their products and services as you deemed fit.

Wakanow affiliate program?

Wakanow affiliate programs have been reorganized in the best way possible to allow affiliates to have an easier time navigating their platform.

The process is as follows:

  1. Sign up for the Affiliates portal.
  2. Make sure to pay registration fee through the link emailed to you.
  3. Wait for approvable.
  4. To make a transaction, you must first log in to your account.
  5. To increase sales,use all the available tactics at your disposal

Please join the Wakanow affiliate program. The commissions are paid based on discounts.

9. MTN affiliate program rates

MTN is a multinational telecommunications company based in South Africa that operates in many African countries and parts of Asia.

The affiliate program for MTN in Nigeria allows you to earn money by purchasing their product for yourself and also by selling their products to others.

Getting started with MTN Affiliate Program

The first step is to register as an MTN affiliate 

Follow the on-screen instructions to open an affiliate program account with MTN by dialing *2018# on your MTN number.

To fund your wallet, you need to open a GTbank account. It is possible to open one either online or at your local branch if you do not currently have one.

GTB can open your account without you visiting the bank by dialing *737#, and then funding the account.

Upon completing registration, you will be notified by text message.

Earn 2% commission on sales to others You will earn 2% commission on all sales to other people other than yourself. 

Upon confirmation of your registration, you need to fund your wallet with *2018#. In exchange for a 2% commission, you can now sell airtime to MTN and Airtel users.

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10. ClickBank Affiliate program

A wide variety of affiliate programs are available through ClickBank. It is an excellent affiliate platform since affiliate information will be accessible to all affiliates on this platform. 

affiliate program

No matter how advanced they might be, their 20-year history and success make them a great option regardless of your level of knowledge. They have a variety of products to promote and partners with a lot of companies, so it’s hard to ignore them.

Become a ClickBank affiliate

  1. Open an account if you want to start earning revenue.
  2.  Input your personal and payment info
  3. Finalize your account to get started.
  4. If you wish to sell a product, then choose the affiliate link for the product.

It’s that easy.

A ClickBank affiliate program offers your high commissions with an easy-to-understand structure, making it one of the easiest ways to start.

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

It is most suitable for digital marketers

A minimum payment of $50 is required

The payment terms are: Net 60

When you become a ClickBank affiliate, you can expect to experience the following pros and cons:


  • The company offers a variety of products that are suitable for many different niches.
  • Many products have a high commission rate.
  • Commissions are promoted on a recurring basis.
  • Links can be generated easily and quickly using the link generation process.
  • Start by exploring the many resources that are available to you.


  • In addition to wasting time and damaging credibility, a large amount of spam products are available.
  • Both low and high quality products are there. Be carefull which one you chose to promote. More

Join ClickBank affiliate program

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