BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell. You will learn about Black Desert Online’s Cash Shop in this BDO Pearl Shop Guide. The following post will show you which of the most valuable gear you can buy, along with how much “P2W” you can expect to make with your hard-earned money.

Pay to Win is a term that is frequently thrown around, but do you know how much of it is actually available? Check out what we have to offer! # BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell.

By pressing the F3 key in Black Desert Online, you can access the Pearl Shop, which can be found at the end of the game. In order to purchase anything here, you must first purchase Acoin (Abyss Coin) from the official Pearl Abyss website in order to make the purchase.

BDO best pearl items to sell

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are my own. When it comes to saving money, Black Desert can be played very cheaply if you are in desperate need of money. The process may get a little frustrating at times, but it is still possible to accomplish. There is a lot of information in this guide that is intended for those who enjoy spending money on their favorite entertainment. Have fun!

For those looking for a F2P guide, we have put together a guide on BDO Loyalty for you to find out more about their Loyalty program in detail. # BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell

Do you want to get the best value for your money? As far as I am concerned, the items below give a good advantage and improve the gameplay. Don’t forget to watch your wallet! Purchasing everything from Pearl Shop can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Your pearls can be used as currency to purchase unique items at the Pearl Shop. There are great deals to be found in this shop every week that you can’t miss. Here are the top 5 items in the shop that will improve your gameplay if you’re looking for the best item.


When you purchase a tent in the Pearl Shop, you will receive four permanent accessories that are very useful during your travels. A fire at camping, a tin container, an avil, and a shop are included in this list of accessories. #BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell

These will allow you to obtain Villa buffs no matter where you are in the Black Desert as long as you have them. According to my opinion, the best thing about it is that you can repair and buy potions while you are grinding without having to go back to town while you are grinding.

There is no doubt that Naphart Campsite is one of the best tents that can be purchased, and it costs 4900 Pearls, which is not a bad price. There are 16 crates slots available, 200 LT, one-hour villa buffs, and 16 one-hour container buffs included. It comes with a great deal of Naphart gear that does not expire, so you will be able to get a lot of value for your Pearls.

It is convenient and efficient to be able to remote purchase buffs for the Villa Scrolls in the Valencia region while hunting in the region. The tent can be purchased in the Pearl Shop by selecting the ‘Travel Aid’ tab, which can be found at the top of the page. As well as tents that will meet your budget and needs, there are a wide variety of other available tents to choose from.


The grind in Black Desert seems endless and tedious. Pets make things easier by picking up things for you, which makes them important companions. Having to manually pick up the items wastes time and effort. As long as you have pets by your side, you will be able to get more items and earn more money. It is possible, however, to get free pets in BDO from time to time if you are patient. On the central marketplace, you can also purchase them.

There is an automatic pet that is given to you, but it is recommended that you add four more pets. Additionally, they offer a lot of other benefits in addition to loot. If you keep a polar bear as a pet, you can increase your weight limit as well as help you with your AFK fishing. Gathering can be increased by up to 300% with hedgehogs. Pearls cost between 900 and 1100 for pets.

BDO Weight Limit Expansion

It is important to have an expanded weight limit in BDO to avoid wasting time and effort. Unfortunately, there is no family limit on weight. It cannot be shared with any other characters in your game. A character’s weight limit would be different for some characters compared to others. You should consider expanding your weight limit if you often find yourself fishing for hours a day without catching any fish.

BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell
BDO best Pearl Shop items to sell

In particular, if you often run errands while you are leaving your character, it will be beneficial for you to do this. Increasing the weight limit will make it easier for you to catch more fish while you are away. A package at a time would be the best way to determine your character’s weight limit.

Once the character reaches the weight limit, you can purchase again gradually. Click on the Weight Limit tab under the ‘Function’ tab to expand the weight limit. Multiple packages are available beginning at 600 Pearls and rising to 2800 Pearls. You would be able to grind efficiently in Black Desert with an additional 650 LT.

BDO Costumes

It is almost impossible to look good in Black Desert without sacrificing some Pearls. This is because you can only buy outfits from the marketplace (so long as you are patient).

While you can craft a few outfits, you may want to consider purchasing a Costume that costs between 2200 and 3400 Pearls if you want to look your best.

Costumes are likely to be even cheaper every week, since the shop refreshes every week. All the costumes that are available can be found under the ‘Apparel’ tab. For the best deal and the one you like the most, check out all the sets in the shop.

Inventory Slot Expansion

While grinding in Black Desert, you will need an expanded inventory slot in order to collect as many items as possible. If you had no more slots, you would be letting go of things you should have earned.

You should definitely consider expanding your inventory slot if you frequently go fishing because every fish takes up one slot. Starting out with a hundred inventory slots may be a good idea if you’re expanding your inventory gradually.

Playing the game also gives you additional inventory slots. You can upgrade your inventory to have 16 extra slots for 1450 Pearls. The [ADV Support] Inventory Expansion can be found in your Quest Menu.