Amazon Affiliate Program: What You need to know?

The e-commerce giant Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers. It accounts for nearly 40-52% of all e-commerce sales in the United States alone. Everyone can share in Amazon’s profits – all you need is an Amazon affiliate account and a website or social media presence. This post will cover Important Facts About Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I will give you all the important details and key points and things you should know before venturing into affiliate marketing especially Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate

As part of Amazon Associates, affiliates can monetize their websites, blogs, or social media profiles with Amazon’s affiliate program. An Amazon affiliate simply places links to Amazon products on their site, and when a customer purchases a product through one of those links, they receive a commission. 

what is Amazon Affiliate program

What is affiliate marketing?

Amazon’s associate marketing programs, for example, are a type of affiliate marketing where an online merchant pays affiliate websites a commission in exchange for sending them traffic and/or sales. As an Affiliate, you will be promoting Affiliate products links, either through any social media, website, or emails that you have. When a purchase is made through your affiliate link, the company will reward you with a commission on the product you have sold. They pay you based on the agreement that you made with them. 

Amazon Affiliate

 For example, Amazon’s affiliate program pays sites depending on the number of customers they send to Amazon who then make purchases on the site within 24 hours of sending them there.

The merchant and participating affiliates both benefit from affiliate marketing. For the merchant, it’s a marketing opportunity to reach more customers and increase sales. Participation in affiliate programs becomes even more compelling when affiliates are paid only when the desired action is taken – affiliates are paid only when the desired action is taken.

As an affiliate, you can enter e-commerce without having to set up or maintain your own store by joining an associate marketing program. In addition, it offers the opportunity to monetize a blog, website, or social media account.

Affiliate marketing can be divided into three types:

  1. Pay-per-sale:  Affiliates receive payment from merchants when they send customers who make purchases. There are merchants that pay an affiliate a fixed rate per sale, and there are others, like Amazon, that pay a percentage of the sale.
  2. Pay-per-click: The affiliate is paid regardless of whether visitors make purchases when they arrive at the merchant’s website through the affiliate link.
  3. Pay-per-lead: The affiliates are paid when a visitor to the merchant’s site signs up as a lead or completes the request on the website.

How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates are basically referral programs. In the affiliate marketing program, affiliate marketers promote products and services from Amazon through their websites or video channels. 

An affiliate receives a percentage of the sale when visitors click an affiliate link on a website or video. Affiliate earnings are largely based on the type of products purchased. 

How to Qualify For Amazon’s Affiliate Program

It is actually quite easy to qualify for the Amazon affiliate program. A potential affiliate is required to have an online platform—such as a website, video channel, or blog—in order to advertise and promote any Amazon product.

Registering requires you to log in to your Amazon account if you already have one. Amazon will ask you for the URL of your website or platform after you indicate that you want to create an affiliate account. Amazon will then ask for the following information:

  • The number of visitors your platform receives on a monthly basis
  • Your plan for driving traffic to your website
  • Your reasons for joining Amazon’s affiliate program

You will be asked for your tax information and preferred payment method once you have filled out the appropriate information. 

Afterward, you’re in. Once you have been accepted as an Amazon affiliate, Amazon will send you a welcome email. 

The pros and cons of Amazon’s affiliate program

Getting paid to link to an Amazon product may seem like an easy win, but before becoming an Amazon affiliate, it is important to consider several factors. We’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of affiliate programs with Amazon.


  • Apart from the products they link to, participants earn income from other products. By directing users to Amazon through affiliate links and allowing them to buy through those links, you earn a commission 
  • Amazon is the leader in eCommerce. Affiliates don’t need to promote the website for visitors to buy from it since it is a trusted, well-known brand.
  • A variety of products are available for advertising. Over 3 billion items are available on Amazon, and there are also services like Prime Video you can promote via affiliate links.
  •  Joining Amazon’s affiliate program is easy. In just a few minutes, you can register and begin sharing affiliate links to earn money.

How to register and set up an Amazon affiliate account


  • In some categories, Amazon pays very low commissions. Some Amazon Associates products, such as luxury beauty products, have a commission rate of up to 10 percent, but others, such as video game consoles, have rates as low as 1 percent.
  • Because the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement is frequently updated and difficult to understand, members can easily be found out of compliance if they do not stay current.
  • When you do not already have a website with product reviews or other content that is suitable for affiliate links, creating one can take a lot of time, effort, and upkeep.

Associates Program Operating Agreement

Amazon affiliate program methods of payment

Amazon’s affiliate program pays affiliate commissions at the end of every month.

Amazon Affiliate

Direct deposits, checks, and Amazon gift cards are all available for payment. Because Amazon has a minimum payment amount for each type, as indicated below, how often you receive payment will depend on what payment option you select.

Methods of payment

  1. Direct deposit: For direct deposit payments, Amazon will need your bank account information, including your bank name and account number. Payment will be held until you reach the payment minimum of $10.
  2. Payment by check: All Amazon needs is your mailing address in order to process payments by check. You’ll have to wait until you have made the minimum payment of $100 plus a $15 check-processing fee before Amazon will release your payment.
  3. Amazon gift card: Amazon will send you gift cards in the amount you earned in this payment method to the primary email address associated with your account. A $10 minimum payment will apply.

Amazon affiliate payments plans

Profit-maximizing strategies for Amazon affiliates

Interested in turning your website into a lucrative Amazon affiliate site? Utilize these tips to grow your site’s traffic and maximize your Amazon earnings.

1. Find a niche

As to how to set up a successful niche site, you’ll need to first decide what section of the online marketplace you will target. A good idea is to choose a niche that you are familiar with or a thing you’re interested in. 

The process of finding a low-competition, profitable niche can be challenging, but it is worthwhile. A review-based site is one of the best ways to establish sales for your affiliate business; however, it can be tedious and challenging to update if you’re writing about home improvement products when you’re not interested in the topic. In addition, if you don’t understand the market or the audience you’re targeting, you’ll have difficulty creating compelling content.

Although having an interest in your topic is necessary, it isn’t enough to make your niche site competitive. Prior to choosing a niche, do your keyword research to determine how competitive various niches are and what keywords are most easily ranked for.

2. Use a link localizer

By using link localizers, you can direct visitors from specific countries to a specific website. In the case of an Amazon affiliate link, for example, if a user from Germany visits your website and clicks it, the link localizer will direct them to If you do not use link localization, you will not receive any commissions for foreign traffic you drive to Amazon.

3. Optimize for specific products

Affiliate websites get most of their traffic from searches focused on specific products or from searches for product reviews, so use long-tail keywords in your URL and be as specific as you can. In the title and URL, if you’re writing a review of an item, be sure to include the brand and model number of the product you’re reviewing, such as “Review of AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage – 32-Inch.”.

4. Create regular, original content

In addition to social media or YouTube, most people promote Amazon products through blogging. In addition to writing single product reviews about various Amazon products, other forms of engaging content can be created with review-oriented content.

By writing a few roundups of similar products, you can increase your traffic. You can review “The 5 cheapest and most effective hand mixers”, or create a roundup of various reviews that declares a winner and runner-up, such as “The Best Sports Shoes You Can Buy on Amazon.”


Before signing up for Amazon Associates, there are many considerations to take into account. The simplest way to earn additional income is by adding affiliate links to a website that already has a suitable message.

Although you can create a website from scratch with Amazon affiliate links in order to make it profitable, the process of launching a site and filling it with product reviews and content can be time-consuming. Developing a niche site with affiliate links, however, also has the potential to become lucrative in the short term.

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