What is Email Bounce Rate: How to reduce it?

The email bounce rate of an email list represents the percentage of recipients who did not receive promotional messages because their mail servers returned them. The email content is bounced when its message is not sent to the intended email address. The reputation of the sender is hurt by high bounce rates. Such a problem

The 10 Best Email Marketing Platforms in Kenya Right Now

Are you looking for a guide on email marketing in Kenya? You are in the right place.  Most people think that email marketing is a thing of the past.   But an article in Forbes says “Email is still one of the most valuable tools for reaching your customers and prospects.”   So what does this mean? 

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For South Africans in 2022

Choosing the best affiliate marketing programs is very vital to the success of your business endeavor. Currently, there are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet, and you may find it difficult to decide which is the best affiliate marketing program for you. What is affiliate marketing? The concept of affiliate marketing involves affiliates earning