How To Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok? Right Now

How To Add Your Own Gifs to TikTok? Creative people know no bounds in TikTok’s vibrant world.

Its ever-evolving features and an innovative community inspire endless possibilities.

When you add your own GIFs to your TikTok videos, you can infuse your unique personality and style into them.

A GIF is a short animated image that adds humor, emotion, and your own unique touch to your content. But how does one add their own GIFs to TikTok?

This comprehensive guide will show you how to customize TikTok with your own GIFs. This step-by-step tutorial will equip you with the skills to make your TikTok

content truly your own, whether you’re looking to add hilarious reactions, highlight key moments, or simply infuse your videos with a dash of fun. # Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

What are GIF clips?

Let’s start with the basics: Giphy is both a database and a search engine for finding GIFs – short looping videos with no sound. GIF clips, however, are a new type of GIF with sound.

A wide variety of GIF clips have been made available to TikTok users by Giphy in association with content producers such as HBO, Hulu, Xbox, and Roku, among others. 

The GIF clips on Giphy tend to be trending, popular, and culture-defining moments.

It is possible to incorporate a GIPHY GIF clip into your TikTok video not only to tap into the viral trend, but also to enhance your visual storytelling in a fun and more imaginative way.

How To Add Your Own Gifs to TikTok?

Make your TikTok videos more engaging with your own GIFs by adding them to your videos. # Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

1. Create or Find a GIF:

  • You can search for or create your GIFs using a range of online GIF creation tools and GIF repositories. Use popular platforms like Giphy, Tenor, or Adobe Photoshop to create your GIF.

2. Save the GIF to Your Device:

  • Make sure you save the GIF to your mobile device’s gallery or camera roll after you’ve found the one you want to use.

3. Open the TikTok App:

  • On your mobile device, launch the TikTok app. # Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

4. Create a New Video or Select an Existing One:

  • In the bottom left corner of the screen, tap the plus (+) icon to either create a new video or select an existing video.

5. Access the Video Editing Screen:

  • Following the choice of your video, you’ll be taken to the video editing screen, where you’ll find various editing options.

6. Tap the “Text” or “Stickers” Option:

  • To add your own GIF, you can use the “Text” or “Stickers” feature in TikTok. Tap on the “Text” or “Stickers” icon, depending on where you want to place your GIF.

7. Choose the GIF Icon:

  • In the “Text” or “Stickers” menu, you’ll find an option that looks like a GIF icon (usually a square with a “G” in the middle). Tap on this GIF icon. # Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

8. Select “Upload”:

  • TikTok will typically offer you a selection of trending and popular GIFs. However, if you want to use your own GIF, tap on the “Upload” option, usually located in the top-right corner of the GIF selection screen.

9. Choose Your GIF:

  • Browse and select the GIF you saved to your device’s gallery or camera roll in step 2.

10. Review and Post: – Once you’re satisfied with your video and the added GIF, tap the “Next” button to add a caption, hashtags, and choose who can see your video (Public, Friends, or Private).

Then, click “Post” to share your video with your TikTok audience. # Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

That’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to add your own GIFs to TikTok. Now you can personalize your TikTok content and make it more engaging with your favorite GIFs.

How to add GIF clips to your TikTok?

You can now add GIF clips to your TikTok videos by following the tutorial below.

  1. Install the latest version of TikTok.
  2. Select Camera from the menu.
  3. Select the Library option from the vertical sidebar at the bottom.
  4. Giphy Clips can be found by sliding upwards on the Library page.
  5. The top search field can also be used to find specific results.
  6. To use a clip in your TikTok video, trim it first.

You can then proceed with recording your video and posting it.

How to Add GIF on TikTok with GIPHY?

GIPHY, one of the most popular GIF platforms, has partnered with TikTok, one of the most popular music apps.

By integrating GIPHY, TikTokers will be able to export animated stickers and GIFs for others to use.

Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok
Add Your Own GIFs to TikTok

Using this service, TikTokers can increase their reach since their content can be shared on other platforms without requiring complicated procedures.

You can make your GIPHY content go viral by going beyond the set limits. Here’s how:

Step 1: After you have created your GIF, copy the URL and then you can share it with others via the GIPHY application.

Step 2: To make your TikTok post more visually appealing, copy the URL of your GIF or any GIF from the app.

Step 3: Once you publish the video on TikTok, you will be able to play the GIF.

While TikTok and GIPHY’s partnership allows only a limited number of people to make their own custom stickers, the feature will become more accessible in the future.

  1. Start recording with TikTok on your phone.
  2. You can also open an existing video from the library by clicking on the GIPHY button.
  3. Choose a GIF sticker and it will appear on your video.

How to Add GIF To TikTok Using Third-Party Service

GIPHY does not allow you to create your own GIFs for TikTok videos so you need to try a third-party application, like FlexClip.

The free GIF maker online is the simplest way to add some interesting features to your videos.

By adding effects, music, and so many other features, you can edit videos and create magic. Its GIF resources are impressive and they don’t require downloads.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to upload gifs from your camera roll to TikTok:

Step 1: To get started, open up FlexClip on your computer and choose the 9:16 ratio since TikTok is compatible with it.

Choose the right video ratio

Step 2: You will upload your TikTok video to the FlexClip storyboard.

Step 3: Add your favorite GIF from the many options available on the program’s Photo > GIF menu.

You can also upload the GIF to the Media section and use the picture in picture (PIP) feature.

After you have created your video, click on the download button and export the video to your device.

You are now ready to share it on TikTok and other social media platforms.

How to Add GIF to TikTok using FlexClip?

In TikTok, there is no option to directly add GIFs from external sources, such as FlexClip, but you can make a video with GIFs using FlexClip and upload it to TikTok.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Create Your Video with GIFs in FlexClip:

  • Join FlexClip by visiting their website ( and logging in.
  • Start a new project once you’re logged in by clicking on “Create New”.
  • Using FlexClip’s video editor, you can upload videos and GIFs.
  • Using FlexClip you can edit your video clips, GIFs, and music clips. You can add text, music, and transitions to your videos.

2. Export Your Video:

Click the “Export” button once you’ve finished editing your video with GIFs.

Set the video resolution and format according to your needs.

3. Save the Video to Your Device:

Once the video has been exported, you can download it to your computer or mobile device.

4. Upload the Video to TikTok:

  • Take out your mobile device and open TikTok.
  • Creating a new video is as simple as tapping the plus (+) icon.
  • Choose the video you created with FlexClip from your device’s gallery.

5. Add TikTok Effects and Share:

  • With TikTok, you can edit the video further by adding music, text, filters, and other effects.
  • Adding relevant hashtags and choosing privacy settings is as easy as writing a caption.

To share your TikTok video with GIFs, tap “Post.”.


You can add your own GIFs to TikTok videos to make them more relatable and engaging for viewers. Adding them to your videos is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

You can experiment, explore, and express yourself through GIFs in your videos as we conclude this guide on adding your own GIFs to TikTok.

Feel free to use GIFs as a secret weapon for making your content stand out, whether you’re showing off your skills, telling a story, or simply enjoying TikTok.

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