How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile? Complete Guide

How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to add mods to Discord Mobile.

Discord has been a household name among gamers and online communities for years, offering an easy-to-use platform for communicating and collaborating.

In addition to the extensive customization options available on the desktop version of Discord, the mobile app is now able to customize your Discord experience as well.

No matter if you are using an Android or iOS device, we’ll take you through the process of adding mods to Discord Mobile.

In order to get you started, we’ve put together a list of safe and popular mods. # How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile

You can customize your Discord to suit your needs, whether you want to enhance the user interface, add cool features, or just make it your own.

Let’s explore Discord Mobile’s true potential and discover what it has to offer!

The process of adding Mods to Discord mobile is straightforward. You first need to create a role to assign them to.

Once you have created the role, click on the server you want to add them to. # How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile

Select the user you want to make a Mod under “Server Settings.” Go to “User Management” and select “Members.” Find their username and tap on the arrow next to it. On the next page, select “Roles” and select “Mod.”

Overview of Adding Mods on Discord

In the event that a server acquires a specific number of followers, the administrator will need help enforcing rules.

This is where Mods come into play. Discord has policies and guidelines users must follow.

Overwhelmed admins who are ineffective in observing, warning, or banning flaunting members may result in server suspension or banning.

Moderators enforce rules, invite users, customize the server, and perform other administrative roles. # Adding Mods on Discord

They also control members by deleting inappropriate information and suspending those who are unruly.

Mods are also responsible for maintaining a cohesive and fun server environment. In order to achieve cohesion, Mods must be impartial, fair, and inclusive.

What is Discord mod?

Discord moderators are the people who manage and maintain the community of a Discord server.

Moderators, often abbreviated as “mods” in Discord, are typically individuals with specific privileges and responsibilities.

The key responsibilities of a Discord mod are as follows:

1. Enforcing Rules: 

The role of a Discord moderator is to maintain a positive and respectful environment on the server by enforcing rules and guidelines set by the server owner or administrator.

2. Resolving Conflicts: 

The moderator assists members in resolving conflicts by mediating disputes, providing warnings or appropriate sanctions when necessary, and working on de-escalating tense situations when necessary.

3. Keeping the Server Safe: 

It is the moderators’ responsibility to monitor the Discord server for inappropriate or harmful content, such as spam, offensive material, or any other content that violates Discord’s terms of service.

4. Assisting and Supporting Members: 

In addition to answering questions, providing guidance, and ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience on the server, moderators assist and support members of the server.

5. Handling Reports and Appeals: 

The moderators review reports of violations and take appropriate action. Appeals are also handled by them, listening to the members’ side of the story and making an appropriate judgment.

6. Collaborating with Server Admins: 

Server moderators assist the server owner and administrators in maintaining a healthy community by contributing to the discussion of potential improvements and providing feedback on server policies.

A Discord moderator does not work for Discord itself, but consists of either a volunteer or appointed member who helps keep the server running smoothly and creates a safe and welcoming environment for all members.

How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile

The process of adding mods to Discord Mobile differs slightly from that of the desktop version.

Even though Discord Mobile does not offer official mod support, there are alternative methods you can use to customize the experience.

Modifying the app or using third-party mods may violate Discord’s Terms of Service, which could result in your account being suspended. Please use caution and at your own risk.

Method 1: Using Discord Themes

  • For Android:
    • To allow installation from unknown sources, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting in Settings > Security.
    • Using Discord+ for Android, you can download and install a third-party Discord client with themes.
    • Discord themes can be downloaded from reputable sources online, in the .xml format.
  • For Jailbroken iOS Devices:
    • Use a trusted jailbreaking tool to jailbreak your iOS device.
    • Use a package manager such as Cydia to install packages.
    • Download and install the “BetterDiscord for iOS” Discord tweak.

Add Mods in Discord Mobile
Add Mods in Discord Mobile

Method 2: Using External Browsers

  • For Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices:
    • Using Safari or another iOS browser, open the app.
    • To find websites offering Discord themes, search for “Discord Themes” or “BetterDiscord for iOS”.
    • You can copy the CSS code from any theme you like.
  • Use a Shortcut (iOS 14 and later):
    • Using the Shortcuts app, tap the “+” button to add a shortcut to your iOS device.
    • To the shortcut, add an action that opens the URL.
    • In the action’s URL field, paste the copied CSS code.
    • To apply the theme, save the shortcut and run it whenever you need to.

It is important to remember that adding mods or tweaks to Discord Mobile can result in unintended consequences, including security risks.

Always be cautious before proceeding and consider the risks before using any mods. # How To Add Mods in Discord Mobile

How do I add mods to Discord?

Nevertheless, some users have used third-party applications like “BetterDiscord” or “BeautifulDiscord” to customize their Discord client and add additional features to it if they use it on desktop or web.

In essence, these applications act as mod loaders for Discord, allowing users to install themes and plugins that enhance their experience.

The following are general instructions for adding mods to Discord using “BetterDiscord” or a similar application:

Download the Mod Loader: 

To get the installer for your operating system, visit the official website of the mod loader you want to use (for example, BetterDiscord). # How do I add mods to Discord?

Close Discord: 

The installation should only be performed after Discord has been closed completely.

Install the Mod Loader: 

The mod loader can be installed by running the installer you downloaded and following the instructions on the screen.

Install Themes or Plugins: 

In the event that you’re not happy with the themes or plugins included with the mod loader you’re using, you can search for them on websites or forums that support the mod loader you’re using. If you’re not happy with them, simply purchase them.

Locate Discord Themes/Plugins Folder: 

If you have a mod loader installed on your computer, it will create a folder where you can place the downloaded themes or plugins.

The location of the folder may depend on your operating system or version of the mod loader. # How do I add mods to Discord?

Place Themes/Plugins in the Folder: 

Organize the downloaded themes and plugins in the designated folder by moving or copying them.

Restart Discord: 

Start Discord again after adding themes or plugins, and the mod loader should automatically apply the themes and activate any installed plugins.

Mod loaders and modifications to Discord entail risks.

Download themes and plugins from trusted sources, and keep an eye out for updates that might temporarily break compatibility with the mod loader or Discord itself. # How do I add mods to Discord?

How old should Discord mods be?

A Discord server’s rules and policies determine what age is required to be a Discord moderator, often referred to as a Discord mod.

The Discord server administrator determines the qualifications and criteria for the moderation team, so there is no specific age requirement for moderators.

To serve as moderators on a Discord server, owners and administrators generally look for mature, responsible individuals. # How old should Discord mods be

As moderators are responsible for enforcing rules, resolving conflicts, and maintaining a positive environment in the server, it is crucial that they are capable of handling these responsibilities with fairness and impartiality.

There may be a minimum age requirement for moderators on some servers, usually 18 years old or older.

Being of legal adult age is associated with a greater sense of maturity and responsibility. # How old should Discord mods be

Depending on the content, audience of the server, and level of trust placed in the individual being considered for the role, some servers might accept moderators as young as 16 years old.


Our guide on how to add mods to Discord Mobile is over! Congratulations, fellow Discord adventurers! By now, you must have discovered what mods can offer to your Discord experience.

Mods offer a whole new world of convenience and personalization, from changing the way the app looks and feels to adding useful features.

Please remember to exercise caution when using mods before we part ways. Be sure to download mods from trusted sources and keep them updated to avoid potential security risks.

You should also be aware of Discord’s terms of service, as some mods may violate these guidelines and result in your account being suspended.

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