How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group? Complete Guide

How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group? A growing number of messaging platforms have embraced bots in recent years, and WhatsApp is no different.

With bots, users can automate tasks, receive information, and engage in group conversations.

Adding a bot to your WhatsApp group can improve its functionality and make interactions more dynamic.

This blog post will guide you through adding a bot to your WhatsApp group.

Here we will discuss the steps and considerations involved in adding a bot to a WhatsApp group, so you can leverage the power of automation and enhance your group experience.

In order to use WhatsApp, you can either create one or buy a ready-made one. The ready-made bots come with WhatsApp numbers.

All you need is a WhatsApp ID so you can add it to your WhatsApp group.

Once the bot’s phone number has been set, visit your WhatsApp group. Choose “Add participant” from the Menu (three-dotted button).

Add the chatbot’s number to the group by clicking its phone number. #How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group?

Overview of Bot

In general, bots automate repetitive tasks on the internet.

Coders develop bots to behave like humans, however, they are able to do repetitive tasks faster than humans.

They typically operate in accordance with instructions.

Several WhatsApp chatbots are available online. They allow WhatsApp users and businesses to handle repetitive questions and messages in groups.

You can create one if you have coding experience or buy a ready-made chatbot.

How To Use Bots on WhatsApp

It is unclear whether WhatsApp supports bots within its platform.

Unlike other messaging platforms, such as Telegram, WhatsApp does not offer a bot API or any other specific features to build and use bots.

You can, however, simulate bot-like functionality on WhatsApp using some alternative methods and workarounds:

Third-Party Services: 

It is possible to create automated messaging systems on WhatsApp through third-party services and platforms.

In addition to setting up automated responses, interactive menus, and even integrating external systems, such services include Twilio, Chatfuel, and Xenioo. # Use Bots on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business API: 

In spite of not being a traditional bot platform, WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to communicate with their customers at scale.

It automates messaging, sends notifications, and responds to customer queries programmatically, enabling businesses to communicate with customers at scale.

The WhatsApp Business API is, however, restricted to larger companies or business service providers, and is intended only for them. # Use Bots on WhatsApp

In order to comply with WhatsApp’s terms of service and guidelines, it’s important to use bots or automated messaging systems responsibly.

You must be aware of legal and ethical considerations when utilizing third-party APIs or services, and respect the privacy of your users.

It’s important to stay up-to-date with WhatsApp’s latest developments, as it might introduce bot-related features or APIs in the near future.

How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group

Bots on WhatsApp can be downloaded ready-made or can be self-built.

They will give your group members real-time conversational replies. Let’s explore how to do that.

Add a Ready-Made Bot

Thousands of pages are available online that market ready-made WhatsApp chatbots.

Here is an example of a chatbot you can use in your WhatsApp group.

Be sure to buy ready-made chatbots from a trusted source. In conversational mode, your bot will respond to group members.

Adding a ready-made bot to a WhatsApp group requires admin rights or being the group’s creator.

To add one to a group, add the phone number to your contacts and give it a WhatsApp ID. # How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp Web

  • Connect your WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp Web accounts.
  • To find your group, search the group or scroll down.
  • To access the “Group info” page, click on the group’s name.
  • Locate the bot’s WhatsApp ID by clicking “Add participant”.
  • Add the bot by selecting it and clicking the checkmark. 

A bot can also be invited directly to your group without having to add it to your contact list and give it a WhatsApp ID.

Some sites allow you to invite the bot directly to your group.


  1. Join your WhatsApp group by opening the app. 
  2. Tap the name of a group to access information about it.
  3. Select “Add participants” from the menu.
  4. Find the bot’s WhatsApp ID or contact information.
  5. Tap the green checkmark next to the username or contact.

Add a Self-Built Bot

If you prefer not to use a ready chatbot, you can create your own. You can design a rule-based chatbot or one using natural language processing.

Your objective should be to create a bot capable of generating conversational responses. # How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group

How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group
How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group

In order to deploy and use bots on WhatsApp, you will need a WhatsApp Business API. Using a verified solution provider like Landbot, you can build your own bot.

This doesn’t require any prior coding experience. Just follow these steps to add a self-built bot to your WhatsApp group.

  1. Sign up for a Landbot account.
  2. You can access Landbot’s dashboard by clicking the “Bot” icon.
  3. Choosing “Build a Chatbot” will bring up the chatbot builder.
  4. Your channel should be “WhatsApp”.
  5. Try out the available templates until you find one that suits your style and needs.
  6. To test your chatbot, you must create a WhatsApp channel.
  7. When you have added a new testing number, click “Confirm.”
  8. Click “Link Selected Bot.” to link the number to the bot.
  9. You can activate the chatbot by typing “Hi”.
  10. Your bot can be customized by selecting a block.
  11. You should test the chatbot to see if it interacts with you the way you expect it to.

The chatbot can be added to your WhatsApp group after it has been built.

There are many platforms that can be used to build a chatbot online. Choose something that is easy to use. # How to Add a Bot to a WhatsApp Group?

Are WhatsApp bots safe?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining whether WhatsApp bots are safe or unsafe.

Here are some of them:

Source and Trustworthiness: 

WhatsApp bots that are developed by reputable and trustworthy companies and developers are more likely to be safe and secure. Be careful when using bots that come from unknown or unverified sources.

Data Privacy and Security: 

Consider the privacy and security measures in place when using WhatsApp bots.

Make sure the bot and its developers handle user data responsibly, adhere to privacy regulations, and implement security measures necessary to ensure privacy.

Permissions and Access:

 Ensure that WhatsApp bots only have access to the information and functionalities necessary for their intended purpose before you use them.

Don’t grant excessive permissions that could compromise your privacy or security before using them. #WhatsApp bots

User Interaction and Messaging: 

It is essential that WhatsApp bots are clear and transparent in their communication with users.

Bots should not engage in misleading practices, extract sensitive data or engage in harmful activities.

Bots should respect users’ privacy and consent, and should not engage in deceptive practices. # WhatsApp bots

Regular Updates and Support: 

In order for a bot to be considered safe, it should be updated frequently by its developers to address vulnerabilities and improve overall safety.

Find a bot with an active support system and a track record of staying up-to-date with platform changes and security updates.

Due to the lack of an official WhatsApp bot platform, the safety of bots largely depends on the developers and services that create and deploy them.

Before interacting with or granting permissions to WhatsApp bots, be sure to exercise caution, do thorough research, and trust the source. # WhatsApp bots


We covered the steps and considerations involved in adding a bot to a WhatsApp group in this blog post, which provides automation and enhanced functionality to the group.

The steps involved in locating and selecting the right bot, obtaining its permissions, and adding it to your group were covered in this blog post.

Despite the fact that bots can be a valuable addition to group conversations, it is important to use them responsibly and with consideration of the group members’ needs and preferences.

Keep in mind the potential impact on user experience when designing the bot, and ensure that it aligns with the group’s purpose and objectives.

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