10 Best SMS Marketing Platforms to Engage with Your Customers

Despite the emergence of social media and other marketing channels, SMS marketing platforms offers a cost-effective and effective way of connecting with your customers. That is why when you embark on making the decision on which SMS marketing platforms are the best fit for your needs, this post is going to simplify your work. Nice!

SMS Marketing is one of the best methods for connecting with your audience since 90 percent of texts are read within three minutes. Additionally, text message marketing results in 36 percent click rates, which means your message is likely to be seen.

It can be difficult to choose the best from numerous SMS Marketing Platforms. Different platforms offer different features and not all of them are designed for the same purposes. 

A good marketing platform should enable you to track return on investment (ROI), personalize messages, and segment your audiences in order to help you accomplish your business goals.

Furthermore, you can more efficiently automate your campaigns and measure their performance with a unified marketing platform that allows you to combine email and SMS.

What is SMS Marketing?

Through SMS marketing, you can send customers and prospects transactional and promotional messages that they can find useful to take action as well as receive information about your product and services.  

People who are interested in your products/services and have agreed to receive your messages receive updates, alerts, and offers. 

However, you can create bulk SMS messages and send them to a list of numbers using SMS platforms and software. They are capable of handling any marketing, information, or transactional messages easily.  

It can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Providing discounts, freebies, and offers
  • Keeping track of contacts
  • Creating reports
  • Analyzing the response rate 
  • Delivery of text messages on a schedule
  • Keeping customers informed and reminding them 
  • Automating MMS responses and sending MMS
  • Surveys, polls, and contests
  • Providing better service to our customers

SMS marketing ranks among the best marketing strategies in this age of social media and email because it is relevant, straightforward, and opens straight into the device of your customers (among many other reasons). 

There are approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world today. The fact that they receive text messages doesn’t mean that they are all active on social media or check emails often. So SMS marketing provides you with plenty of chances to stay at the top of your customers’ minds and increase conversions.

What is an SMS marketing platforms?

SMS marketing platforms (sometimes called SMS marketing services) enable marketers to create text messages to send to a list of phone numbers of their choosing.

Text messaging can be used to send anything from flash sales to shipping confirmations to back-in-stock notices, abandoned cart notifications, and many other things.

SMS Marketing Platforms

Many of them also let you set up campaigns and automated text messages based on the actions of your shoppers, such as when they sign up for text alerts or inquire about a product.

Why use SMS marketing platforms?

 # Affordable 

Your customers can receive a large number of messages without spending a lot of money through bulk messaging. In contrast with email campaigns, SMS marketing allows you to save on creativity, design, efforts, and costs associated with these. 

# Faster delivery 

By using SMS, you can spread your message much faster than through social media or emails. You can send SMSs to any type of phone and to any provider because they deliver directly to your customers’ phones. It isn’t necessary for them to log into their social profiles or check their email accounts in order to see the message.

# Higher open and click-through rates 

The open rate of SMSs is 98% higher than that of emails, and their click-through rate is also 9.18% higher than other digital marketing channels. This clearly shows SMS marketing is effective. 

# Measurable results

Your SMS marketing campaign can be tracked using SMS marketing software. The number of SMS sent, opened, and answered can be viewed, and reports can be generated for review. This allows you to assess your strategies based on results and improve them over time. 

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10 Best SMS Marketing Platforms to Engage with Your Customers

#1. Omnisend

I consider this platform to be among the best SMS marketing Platforms available as of the time of writing this post. Omnisend lets you integrate SMS with your email so you don’t have to worry about using multiple tools. With automated texts and email, you can send push notifications to your users in one workflow to offer them a more personalized and consistent experience. 

SMS Marketing Platforms

Ominsend offers a library where you can create workflows with SMS that cover everything from birthdays to cart abandonment to shipping confirmations. You can reach your audiences/customers wherever they are with our features that are easy to set up and offer no limitations on use cases.

You can even reach a global audience thanks to the fact you can send text messages using every country’s code, which allows you to better convert international customers. A TCPA compliant SMS list building tool can collect contact information from site visitors using pop-ups, landing pages, wheel of fortune, and signup boxes, among others.

Automated workflows built into their platform will save you time and energy. To drive traffic to your store, set up flash sales and send SMS promotions. Images, GIFs, and videos can also help increase engagement. Study how you can tweak your text messages to increase sales. You will increase customer retention by enabling two-way SMS messaging through Omnisend and Gorgias.

You can try it for free now, or you can upgrade to a plan for $16/month to avail yourself of more services.

#2. Drip

I consider this platform to be among the best SMS marketing Platforms available as of the time of writing this post. Drip will help you drive more profits by sending you personalized and dynamic product recommendations at the right time. It is easy to build automated workflows using Drip’s workflow builder.

SMS is an easier, more direct, and more immediate way of connecting to your users/customers. Their presence is the best way to establish a relationship with them, communicate value, and drive revenue. 

SMS Marketing Platforms

Use Drip’s easy form to add top customers to your list. They prefer SMS over emails and phone calls. Some customers prefer text messages with promos or discount codes, even though they like receiving them in general. SMS marketing allows you to reach your customers anywhere since you can send a text message from any device.

Send holiday deals, product launches, time-sensitive offers, VIP campaigns, and other SMS-driven campaigns to garner attention, encourage loyalty, and drive urgency. For more customers, keep your messages simple, short, and easy to understand; people dislike long and spammy messages. The workflow can be automated to prevent any customer from being missed and delivery date and time can also be added.

For as little as $7.50 for 500 transmissions, you can start your free trial for 14 days or choose a plan based on the number of customers you have.

#3. ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign, you can engage your customers with text messages and SMS marketing. In this way, you can provide an exceptional experience to customers quickly and efficiently. Moreover, this platform is on my list among the best SMS Marketing platforms of 2021.

It’s easy to automate SMS follow-ups, agents notifications, and more with ActiveCampaign. The software makes it easier for your users to send quick reminders and flash sales since they prefer to read text messages over emails. 

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Establish an exact day and time to schedule the delivery in order to maintain good workflows. Contact information lets you import or manually manage phone numbers. Your users can provide you with their contact details. Keeping in contact with your customers can allow you to market your new promotions, offers, and campaigns. 

Choose your plan based on customer numbers and begin using our service at a starting rate of $9/month.

#4. Sendinblue

Through SMS messages, you can directly communicate with customers using Sendinblue. Send bulk campaign and event messages with SendinBlue by collecting your list of contacts.

SMS Marketing Platforms

In the next step, you can write your message, select a list of recipients based on location, demand, etc., and schedule your message to be sent at a particular time and date. In addition to shipping updates, transactional SMS, and order confirmations, SendinBlue allows you to implement a lot more tools based on your business needs with its API, tons of plugins, and marketing automation tools. 

Utilize segmentation to make your messages more personalized by adding individual attributes to contacts. In addition to first and last names, dates, company names, and other information, you can also add a description. Gain a better understanding of what works by taking advantage of key engagement metrics.

Furthermore, SMS campaigns can be monitored and tracked. In real-time, you can resolve related issues for various SMS campaigns that are based on engagement statistics and deliverability reports. The ability to easily connect with your customers no matter where they are keeps them up-to-date on all your promos, discounts, and much more.

Take advantage of the benefits by choosing a free or paid plan.

#5. EngageBay

Boost your business with EngageBay’s SMS marketing service to promote your products, offers, etc. Manage all your responses from a single dashboard and personalize your campaigns to send SMS to thousands of people. 

SMS Marketing Platforms

As part of EngageBay, users can save various attributes, such as first name, last name, age, companies, and locations. If you gather information, you can even send bulk texts to all of them. In automation workflows, SMS functionality can be added to send text messages based on events or customer behavior, such as failed payments, product updates, cart abandonment, promotions, etc.

#6. ClickSend

Online marketing messages are made easy with ClickSend. Send marketing messages from a web-based SMS portal. The Web to SMS service allows you to send thousands of messages worldwide. SMS Gateway API even allows you to manage transactional SMS.

With ClickSend’s online SMS gateway, you can send messages to someone or many people via an online service. There are just a few steps involved. In addition, ClickSend also offers Microsoft Outlook Plugins for messaging. Additionally, you can send bulk SMS through an existing application or online service.

SMS Marketing Platforms

SMS service makes it easy for you to send SMS to all your customers after you enter their contact information. In addition to bulk SMS, the SMTP gateway lets you send SMS in bulk, letting you experience powerful performance. Through all these features, plugins, etc., you can send marketing messages, transactional messages, promotional messages, events, reminders, and a lot more all at your fingertips.

Your messages are delivered to the end-users with a 100% uptime guarantee by ClickSend. You can also look at your records in one place on the dashboard, making it easy to use the service.

To respond faster to customer messages, the software can be set up to respond with certain keywords. Use ClickSend analytics and reports to measure your success and performance to generate real business value.

Besides SSL security, auto top-up, low credit warning, 1224 character limit, lightning-fast message delivery, sender ID customization, status monitoring, free replies, no setup fees, and other features, you also get access to online SMS software, status monitoring, free replies, and so on. There are options for both prepaid and postpaid payments. 

#7. Klaviyo

Let your customers know when they will receive an SMS notification as soon as possible. Your customers will appreciate your exceptional service when they can call your toll-free number. Building business relationships with loyal customers and growing revenue are possible with this solution.

SMS Marketing Platforms

With Klaviyo, you can integrate with more than 200 eCommerce platforms and tools to have everything at your fingertips when contacting your customers. This SMS platform lets you greet customers by name, wish them a happy birthday, share product details, inform them of stock status, and much more.

Send both emails and texts in the same series rather than doing the same job twice so that customers can choose the option they prefer. Using SMS messaging, Klaviyo is able to track and monitor your sales performance, which is precisely what your business needs to grow.

The delivery time and date of automation workflows can be specified. Besides the options of templates, Klaviyo also offers plenty of customization options. In addition, you can have your customers register themselves by filling out a form or clicking a subscribe button. If you are aware of how many contacts you have, you can estimate the price. 

#8. Textlocal

Your users will enjoy the real-time SMS facility provided by Textlocal that is designed to cater to smart customers. Use a bulk SMS platform that’s reliable, scalable, and one of the best SMS providers if you want to raise brand awareness, enhance the customer journey, and optimize your communications. 

SMS Marketing Platforms

Sending messages according to market needs can be done in a variety of ways. With the increasing number of contacts on your list, you can choose to pay as you go or outsource your messages. You will be able to get managed services for your SMS solution no matter what type of business you have. Furthermore, Textlocal will let you discover high-density API gateways for your business. 

Its versatility and customizability is appealing to developers. Trextlocal has this feature that allows it to integrate with any other application, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. The option to attach videos, images, and files to a recipient, in addition to adding website links, vouchers, and attachments, is also available.

Using Textlocal, you can monitor your performance and interact with your customers at the same time. As part of a Textlocal account, you can connect with a free SMS specialist, get a dedicated keyword, get accreditation as a partner, and use a GDPR-compliant platform.

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#9. SlickText

With SlickText, you can drive revenue to your business through SMS marketing, making SlickText one of the most trusted names in the SMS marketing business. There are many features that make it possible for you to utilize the software efficiently, and it works on all devices.

Furthermore, it does not require a contract or any hidden fees; you can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel at any time. SlickText allows you to send messages to your customers quickly since people respond to SMS quicker.

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With a picture attached to your campaign, customers are more likely to respond. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from every feature, from restaurants and retail stores to schools and ministries. Your customers can join your marketing campaign by sending a text message from wherever they are.

Easily schedule notes and work on them based on the date and time you choose. Sending auto-replies to customer messages is possible with auto-reply messages. Additionally, you can enable two-way messaging in order to stay in contact with your customers. You can also send birthday wishes to your customers if you keep track of their birthdays. 

Additionally, the free mobile app lets you manage your text messages. It includes the same features that are supported on both iOS and Android. The repeating messages can be set monthly, weekly, or daily, for example. Users can receive a series of texts from Drip campaigns. 

Through its integration with Zapier, SlickText helps connect your software with other apps. You can also integrate with Facebook and email to reach more people. In addition, many features are available, such as double opt-in, link shortening, link tracking, and individualized messages.

SlickText has all the features you need in every aspect, and it lets you try the program for 14 days for free.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can choose different options starting at $29/month.

#10. TextMagic

Use TextMagic to send easy-to-use SMS marketing campaigns to your customers. Alerts, confirmations, SMS marketing, and notifications can be sent whenever and wherever you like. With the mass texting software, you can send personalized messages to your team, suppliers, and customers.

SMS Marketing Platforms

You can send mass texts from your account to over 190 countries after logging in. Emails can be converted to SMS and delivered to your mobile device. By integrating SMS gateway API into the text, the application can deliver the text directly to your mobile device. To send and receive SMS online, simply open the application on your Mac or PC desktop.

TextMagic is the easiest, most effective, and most secure way to send and receive messages to colleagues, employees, and customers. You can manage SMS opt-outs, schedule text messages, send SMS attachments, use MMS, and schedule SMS messages.

With TextMagic, companies can manage multiple text messaging accounts for their members, have enterprise SMS solutions installed, single sign-on for businesses, receive secure text messages, automate incoming messages, look up emails, and validate phone numbers.

Get in touch with your customers at the right time by using your iOS and Android devices. 160 characters may not be sufficient for some of your messages, so you can extend them up to 918 characters. In addition, you can forward your TextMagic number to a phone number so that your potential customers can call. Using TextMagic’s subscriber forms, capture details today from every visitor.

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The SMS marketing platforms are still alive and well; in fact, it is ever-evolving with the times. Take advantage of any of the above-mentioned SMS marketing platforms and increase your conversion rates while connecting and engaging with your customers. I hope the task of choosing the best SMS marketing platforms that best suit your interests and satisfy your need has been simplified.

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